Meta, formerly known as Facebook until October of this year, has been named the worst company in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance.

Every December, the platform performs an audience poll in which they ask which company they disliked the least over the entire year. The 2021 “winner” was Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta (Facebook). The company received 8% of the vote. This also indicates that it was a very tight race in which “dozens” of names were entered.

Why Meta / Facebook?

  • This year, Facebook has been entangled in a number of issues; spanning from monopolistic investigations to charges of misconduct within the firm by an ex-employee, ensuring that the corporation will also have significant security breaches that it will not be striving to close.
  • Furthermore, Facebook experienced one of its worst server disruptions this year. It affected services like WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Oculus, which had issues running video games.
  • Soon after, the name was changed to Meta, and a total dedication to a metaverse was announced, which has yet to be fully accepted.
Screengrab Courtesy of Oculus

Best Company of the Year: Microsoft

  • Microsoft is in the opposite corner of the ring, having been named the best company of the year. This time, it’s not a poll of its users, but instead, an award was given by the portal to the companies that have had the top financial results.
  • According to estimates from December 6, the Xbox parent looks to have seen huge stock market growth in 2021, putting it in a similar spot to Apple and Alphabet (Google), with a market value of $ 2.4 trillion.

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