Meta Quest 2: Iron Man VR release date

Meta Quest 2 Iron Man VR, release date

Are there any virtual reality enjoyers here? How does it feel to be a superhero in the VR world? If you don’t know how to answer that maybe Meta Quest 2 may help you. Along with Marvel, Meta Quest 2 has some exciting news for you! They may have completed the assessment for the Iron Man suit that is coming to you real soon. Get to know the release date of Meta Quest 2 Iron Man VR, and let’s start flying, shall we?

Meta Quest 2 Iron Man VR

Just in case you haven’t caught up on Meta Quest 2, initially, its market name is Oculus Quest 2. Meta Quest 2 offers a virtual reality (VR) headset that came to the market last October 2020.

  • if you plan to purchase a Meta Quest 2 VR headset, there are two options for you: the 128GB and the 256GB. The 128GB version costs $399.99 USD, while the 256GB retails $499.99 USD. And just until December 31st, 2022, they have a limited offer for you! Purchase the Meta Quest 2, and receive a Beat Saber in the set! You can check this link to know what’s in store for a Meta Quest 2 purchase.
Meta Quest 2 Iron Man VR, purchase
Image Courtesy of Meta
  • Meta Platforms developed the said VR headset. And as we have mentioned, Marvel’s Iron Man makes its way to the VR world in MQ 2. The game has been a mainstay in the PlayStation VR consoles, now it arrives in another VR headset.

Release Date and Price

Are you ready to be Tony Stark on the VR release? Well, get your techy selves ready, and stretch your arms and muscles because Iron Man VR comes to Meta Quest 2 on November 2022. Quicker than you expected, perhaps?

  • To be specific, the expected arrival of Iron Man VR should be on Thursday, November 3rd. Meta Quest assures that the game fits their updated controllers, although no specific changes were mentioned.
  • As for the game price, there is no confirmed price yet. Maybe we can expect the game to retail similarly to the PlayStation VR at $39.99 USD.

About Iron Man VR

You may want to rewatch a few MCU films with Iron Man in his lab to take a look at how things work there. Although, when you take on the role of Tony Stark in Meta Quest 2 Iron Man VR, you’re probably on your own. So you just have to make sure to get yourselves pumped and ready for action once the game drop on November 3rd!

  • If you’re ready to build the Iron Man suit, well are you ready to face different enemies as well? You’re a superhero here, so you won’t just stay in your lab and enhance your suit, you have to fly and save the world! Immense yourselves in the action-packed packed world of Iron Man VR.
Meta Quest 2 Iron Man VR, trailer
Image Courtesy of Marvel
  • Marvel shares in their blog post the excitement for the upcoming Iron Man VR in a new platform. “We’ve been big fans of Marvel’s Iron Man VR ever since it launched on PlayStation VR in 2020, and we could not be more excited to reveal that it’s coming to Meta Quest 2 this November, courtesy of the talented teams at Camouflaj and Endeavor 1, and our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment. Take Flight in Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man armor. Travel the world and face off against Ghost, a hacker with a dangerous drone army and a mysterious connection to Stark’s past. Packed full of deep-cut references for longtime Marvel fans, this is the closest you can get to inhabiting Iron Man’s armor, short of building your own.”

See you in saving the world, Iron Man!

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