Michigan QB JJ McCarthy goes viral for “Alpha Brain” techniques

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The Michigan Wolverines had just won the national championship, beating the Washington Huskies in a blowout final matchup, but the buzz was directed toward their star quarterback – JJ McCarthy. Find out why this young athlete is making waves on the internet.

JJ McCarthy is now America’s biggest Gigachad

Michigan’s starting quarterback, Jonathan James “JJ” McCarthy, helped bring another title to the Wolverines. The last time they won a national championship was back in 1997. But, the young QB kept appearing in headlines not because of the school’s perfect season, or his strong arm and efficient passes, but because of his wild self-improvement techniques.

ESPN’s Holly Rowe, while the finals were still going on, reported that McCarthy did something unusual (at least to some) – brushing his teeth with his left hand (off-hand).

“When he gets up in the morning and brushes his teeth, he is a right-handed quarterback, he will brush his teeth with his left hand because it changes your neural patterns and it makes you have alpha brain waves,” said Rowe. “He will say to himself ‘I Love You, Man’ and picture himself with a Rose (from the Rose Bowl win) in his teeth. This week, he has pictured holding the national championship trophy.”, Holly Rowe said.

For context, an alpha brain wave is one of the five brain waves known to men. According to studies the Alpha wave is connected to a person’s ability to feel calm and relaxed, whatever he/she/they may be doing.

JJ McCarthy rose bowl rose on teeth

McCarthy, 20, has been the starting quarterback of the Wolverines since 2022. More than two decades ago, the University of Michigan also featured NFL goat, Tom Brady. Brady wore the Wolverines uniform from 1995 to 1999 as a backup to Brian Griese and was an essential part of their 1997 NCAA championship. Brady has huge praises for McCarthy and believes the young stud is the best QB in Michigan.

Meanwhile, after winning his first natty title, people are already wondering if JJ McCarthy will be committing to the 2024 NFL draft. However, the 20-year-old playmaker had yet to make a decision.

Last week, McCarthy was also the center of attraction after his infamous on-field meditation. According to him, he does this to clear his mind ahead of games to prepare himself. This is also part of his movement to rewire his brain. By altering his neural patterns (neuroplasticity), McCarthy believes it can make him a better version of himself.

On the other hand, fans are divided on McCarthy getting the attention

After Holly Rowe’s reports, internet users flooded social media with memes and jokes. Well, it’s not surprising since it really did sound hilarous, although it did work out for McCarthy and the Wolverines in the end.


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