Microsoft finally revealed the name and the design of the upcoming Xbox, the Xbox Series X, based on Project Scarlett. As far as the design of the console is concerned, it got a pretty mixed reception from the community. However, Microsoft is seemingly amidst controversies with the reveal video.

The Xbox Series X reveal video has a sequence that has been ripped off from Independent Artist ANTIVJ’s video. Albeit in much lower quality, the side by side comparison of the sequence in question can be seen below. Considering the fact that ANTIVJ has been retweeting about this on his social media handle as well, its a no brainer that Microsoft didn’t take permission from his for ripping off his work. Here is the link to ANTIV’s original video.

While the fact that Microsoft made the video themselves or outsourced is pretty unclear, it’s important for industry giants like Microsoft to acknowledge the work of small independent artists.