Microsoft Will Be Able To Close Accounts After A Certain Period Of Inactivity

Oh, but Microsoft, life got busy!

In a period like the current one, where physical stocks are decreasing more and more and digital purchases are gaining the upper hand, the importance of the accounts of the various users is always greater. Without access to your profile, in fact, a player could not have a large amount of data, as well as of course all purchases made up to that point.

Microsoft has in fact recently updated its account management policy, including those of Xbox Live, inserting into it the possibility for the company to cancel inactive accounts for a certain amount of time.

According to the new Microsoft Services Agreement, if a user does not use his profile for two years, they will be authorized to close it. An eventuality that, in addition to Xbox Live users, also includes all other Microsoft accounts. Based on what the company has stated, in fact, every user is obliged to use their profiles actively.

So what are the actions that allow you to keep your profile “active”? Fortunately, they are many. Unless you literally abandon your account for two years, it will be really difficult to run into that risk. To “save yourself” it will be enough to make some purchases or, much more simply, to use some old ones. You can still find all the various conditions directly at this link.

What do you think of this news, do you consider the new Microsoft policy correct or too harsh?


  1. Loving your comment under the title! I have not played xbox in more than 2 years, because I got so busy with work. I would hate it if I see my account was closed, who says I am not going to play anymore. I am just too busy. Keep it up with the updates, you are my favourite news guy!


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