Microsoft xCloud will allow Xbox game streaming on your browser

Why get an Xbox Series X when you have a Google Chrome?

Sources at the Verge were told by Microsoft employees that the company is testing its upcoming xCloud service on web browsers.

Microsoft xCloud is a game streaming service launched on September 15th for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. It allows players to stream games from Microsoft’s servers to another device.

Microsoft xCloud boasts budding platforms and games
Microsoft xCloud boasts budding platforms and games

Platform Limitations

Currently, the service is only available for Android devices. Apple has restricted the service from coming to the iOS App Store because Apple would not make revenue from streamed games. Apple has now stated that each games must be listed individually on the app store. (Which would give Apple a cut of all in-game purchases)

With over 200 games and counting, Xbox xCloud will not come to the iPhone app store anytime soon. Luckily, the web version of xCloud, which may use a launcher, will be publicly shown off very soon. 

Powerful Connections

xCloud uses Microsoft’s Azure severs and is in the process of upgrading the servers to handle next generation power. Streaming in full 1080p HD and even 4k has been reported to work fluidly, even with suboptimal internet conditions, such as using 4G LTE on public transport at a stable 60fps.

The streaming experience on mobile so far has been positive
The streaming experience on mobile so far has been positive

For this to work, all a user needs is a modesty-priced subscription, an Xbox Controller, and soon, a web browser. No console, downloads, updates, discs, or extra hardware needed.

Anticipation for the (near) future of Cloud Gaming

As media becomes less physical and more web-based, Xbox is looking to lead the gaming industry as it ventures forth into the realm of server-streamed online gaming. After a failed attempt of marketing the Xbox One as an always-online console, Microsoft is adjusting their business model to be more consumer-friendly.

While this will not be the first multi-platform streaming service, Microsoft xCloud might be the first game streaming service with a successful execution. This might be revolutionary, so I can’t wait to see what xCloud on browser has in store.

Until then, I’ll go stream Stadia on my Chromebook.