The Initiative

Back in E3 this year, along with their far-fetched list of first-party games, Microsoft announced the beginning of their new first-party studio, The Initiative, headed by Darrell Gallagher. In one of Darrell’s recent Linkedin posts, he introduced the new members of the studio that includes the writer of Red Dead Redemption, lead producer of God of War and many more.

The news comes from ResetEra, member CrimsonEclipse to be specific, where he made a post related to this matter. He captured a screenshot of Darrell’s tweet that contained the link to the original Linkedin post, which was later removed. Here’s a snapshot of the Linkedin post –

Darrell Gallagher

Brian Westergaard was the Lead Producer for this year’s record-breaking PS4 exclusive, God of War.

Annie Lohr was a recruiter at Respawn Entertainment.

Christian Cantamessa was a writer for the original Red Dead Redemption.

Blake Fischer, Senior Director of Portfolio Planning for Microsoft.

Daniel Neuburger & Lindsey McQueeney are two minds from Crystal Dynamics, who worked on Tomb Raider games.

It seems like The Initiative has taken its first and big initiative hiring those talents. There’s more to find out about The Initiative’s plans and planned games.

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