The recent one-year anniversary celebration of Genshin Impact did not satisfy fans. Players were very vocal in expressing their discontent. Fans took to different methods, review bombing Genshin Impact first on the Play Store. Then, review bombing Honkai Impact, another game by Genshin developer miHoYo. Genshin community hubs on Discord and Hoyolab were spammed.

In a statement to GamesRadar+ in regard to the backlash that they have received, miHoYo stated that they have “already come up with more celebrations”. The statement went on to say, “We’ve been paying close attention to various feedback regarding Genshin Impact’s first anniversary.”

“We’ve already come up with more celebrations including the coming Genshin Impact online concert and thank-you gifts to express our gratitude for players’ support all the way along. The opinions and feedback from players and fans are really valuable to us, and we wish all fans will continue the adventure and collect more cherished memories in Teyvat.”

Surprise Gifts

  • This statement has been made following a surprise gift that was sent to all players. Players received the first of four free reward bundles in their in-game mail with the title “Thank You to All Our Travelers (1/4)”.
  • Further, fans were notified about an update 2.2 reveal along with the Genshin Impact 2021 Concert.  Fans also received 400 Primogems and a new wind glider, the Wings of Shimmering Galaxy.

While some players are supporting miHoYo for their acknowledgment of the response from fans and for coming out with the free gifts, others are still discontent with the gifts they think are all too familiar.

With the growing popularity of Genshin Impact, miHoYo has grown disconnected from the fan base; leading to miscommunication and dismissiveness over long-standing issues. While some players have altogether renounced the game after the issue with the anniversary, loyal fans are left with a disheartening memory, which should have been one of happiness and celebration.

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