miHoYo Suing Bilibili, Wants Genshin Leakers Hunted

There is no doubt in the fact that Genshin Impact is an amazing game that has taken the gaming world by a storm. It has a humungous active user base across all platforms and is among the top 5 trending games of 2021. But being such a huge deal comes with its own set of problems. Owing to its immense popularity, Genshin Impact is subject to a lot of leaks and rumors. While rumors are nothing to worry about, leaks actually do a certain amount of damage.

The Issue

Genshin Impact Patch 2.1 Banner Schedule Leaks

  • We all know that Genshin Impact is no stranger to leaks, in fact, it faces a lot of leaks on daily basis. On top of that, most of them turn out to be true and that takes away the surprise element of the game.
  • Recently we saw popular leakers like UBatcha and abc4real revealing the entire fishing system and a lot of other details about versions 2.1 and 2.2. As expected, the growing number of leaks is something miHoYo isn’t very happy about.
  • Now leaks are something that helps in creating a certain buzz and hype around a particular game. But at the same time, leaks affect the game developers negatively as firstly, they spoil the element of surprise.
  • Secondly, it makes developer’s spending on marketing and event-related activities irrelevant as players are already aware of what they’ll announce. Finally, it lets players save their resources and money by holding back and planning which affects in-game purchases negatively.

It seems like now miHoYo has decided to go after these leakers and cut them off once and for all. In their efforts, miHoYo is going to sue Bilibili to reveal the identities of many popular leakers.

On Leaker’s Trail

Bilibili, also called the B Site, is a Chinese video-sharing website based in Shanghai. It revolves around animation, comics, and games, where users can submit, view, and add overlaid commentary on videos. Many Genshin Impact live streams have also been broadcast on the platform in the past.

  • Bilibili and miHoYo have been working together for many years but desperate situations call for a desperate measure. According to Bilibili’s privacy policy, miHoYo cannot directly ask them about the user information. But miHoYo needs to get to the leakers, so it has decided to sue Bilibili. Only if sued, can Bilibili reveal that sensitive information in front of the panel.
  • This would enable Genshin Impact to find the leakers and sue them or fine them to recover losses. It is being said that they are after 11 leakers of the Genshin Impact leaking community. If found, it would be a huge blow to the members of the leaking community and would surely discourage such activities in the future.

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