Honey Impact is a popular Genshin Impact website as it beholds helpful guides and features information about leaked characters. Evidently, some Genshin Impact fans welcomed this website wholeheartedly. Consequently, miHoYo underwent criticism and met with Honey Impact’s supporters.

Bilibili was petitioned by miHoYo for revealing information about several leakers’ identities. This also subjugated some prominent leakers on Twitter to close their accounts relentlessly. Apparently, Genshin Impact fans aren’t too thrilled to have Honey Impact as miHoYo’s next target.

Fans’ Reaction

This incident instigated anger and displeasure in some fans. However, some understand why miHoYo wants to take down a website that uses and breeds leaked information.

The above tweet is one of the most general and straightforward reactions to miHoYo’s claim of taking down Honey Impact. A user established a relevant point about Honey Impact not just being a source for Genshin Impact leaks.

A portion of players is discomposed about this situation while some players and fans support miHoYo’s decision to take it down.

These types of fans tend to write down their responses under the original tweet (or in other tweets supporting it). They still get many likes and boost. 

Honey Impact, on the other hand, didn’t subjugate to the demands of miHoYo about not leaking the information. The problem these fans have with Honey Impact is how it posts leaks on the website (and not about the non-leak guides).

Some fans have lost admiration for miHoYo. Others thinking Genshin Impact becoming dead in absence of websites like Honey Impact. Finally, we just have to wait and see if Honey Impact survives miHoYo’s wrath.

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