Minecraft Announces Collaboration With Puma

Minecraft has today announced a partnership with Puma, the world’s most well-known sneaker company. Unlike other games, Minecraft rarely collaborates with third-party companies. They recently had crossovers with Sonic the Hedgehog and Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby.

Perhaps this will change in the future, and it could begin with Puma. The collaboration was first revealed on Twitter, followed by the release of an official teaser for the collaboration.

PUMA x Minecraft

As a result, we can see PUMA x Minecraft “coming soon” in the tweet. This isn’t the first time the Mojang title has been on a poster; just a few months ago, Minecraft established a partnership with the Yves Rocher foundation to help rescue the earth with #PlantForLife.

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For this collaboration, a server was created just for the event, and players were able to plant trees there (virtually) in order for them to be planted in real life. In terms of the Puma cooperation, we can expect a mode or exclusive skins portraying the brand in the cubic world, or vice versa with, why not, a Minecraft-inspired clothing collection.

We can’t say enough about how talented our players are, especially when it comes to Mojang Studios’ Minecraft. A player has taken on the insane task of recreating the whole Star Wars galaxy.

In any event, we’ll have to wait to hear more about Minecraft x PUMA, but in the meantime, we’d like to remind you that the game has recently received a major upgrade. Caves & Cliffs introduces a number of new features, including a number of new biomes focusing on underground life.

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