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The 11-year-old popular sandbox game, Minecraft, has officially crossed 200 million copies sold worldwide. Mojang Studios, the developers are celebrating 11 years in the business. With 200 million total sales, the game enjoys a surprising 126 million players every month.

COVID-19 gave a big push to the sales figures as well. Many teachers and schools are now using Minecraft to interact with the student in a fun way. The credit also goes to several internet personalities over Twitch and YouTube who popularized the game, making it a trend once again. My own sister who never had any interest in PC games has now become a super Minecraft fan, thanks to a few of her favorite YouTubers playing the game over again. Sometimes, she interrupts my workflow, just to be able to mine some resources, build houses, and hunt zombies.

The pandemic helped Minecraft grow its sales by 25% in April with a 40% spike in online sessions. As more people are getting into video games to get away from the depressing lifestyle of 2020, many more games will, or already have seen such growth in numbers.

Which games are you playing during the pandemic? Are you having fun with your friends online? Let us know in the comments below.

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