Although the data pack has been released for a while, it was recently updated and is designed to work with Minecraft version 1.18. Terralith adds more than 85 new biomes to the game’s already large environment, with a film demonstrating some of them recently released to YouTube.

New Biomes

Canyons, Yellowstone, floating islands known as “Skylands,” mountains, and more are among the new biomes. A volcanic environment is perhaps one of the more intriguing features featured. The trailer shows a volcano’s wide maw from afar, with lava on the inside.

  • The mod’s overall goal is to add some extra substance and pizzazz to the recently released Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part two update. The most recent patch makes significant modifications to the games, such as increasing the world’s maximum height and changing the scenery and the way each player map generates.
  • This official update brought two new biomes to the game: jagged peaks and meadows, in addition to the lush caves. Terralith 2.0, on the other hand, gives players even more to do. According to the description on Planet Minecraft, there is “something for everyone,” ranging from realistic to “fantastical” biomes.
Courtesy of Microsoft

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