Minecraft: The Wild Update, All Details

Minecraft Live 2021 took place on the 16th of October, bringing a lot of detail and a whole lot of excitement for Minecraft fans and players. One major piece of information has given them something to look forward to in the coming year. The next update, The Wild!

Though there is still some stuff to be experienced this year, such as the 1.18 update which will bring with it part two of Caves and Cliffs, Mahjong seems to have powered ahead and made its plans for the upcoming year.

Developers have already begun work on Minecraft: The Wild update, and it brings with it more changes. The developers have stated that they will be celebrating the wilderness of Minecraft with this update. It will rejuvenate biomes such as the Birch Forest biome, which has not been of much interest as yet.

Minecraft: The Wild

  • Frogs are set to make their debut in Minecraft with this update. They will start as tadpoles. These tadpoles can grow as a snowy, swamp, or tropical frogs, depending on the biome they mature in. Fireflies, which the frogs will consume, are also set to appear in the update.

  • It will feature major updates to swaps with a new biome, the Mangrove Swamp. It will include mangrove trees which can be harvested for a new wood type. Propagules can be planted to grow mangroves underwater or on land and can be harvested when they grow into huge blocks with hanging vines.
  • A new mud block is going to be introduced, which can be obtained by mixing water on dirt. Mud blocks can be used to build new material themselves, or they can be placed on top of a dripstone to absorb the moisture, turning it into clay that can be used. Boats will also be getting more storage space as chests are introduced.
  • The Deep Dark biome, which was initially announced with the Caves and Cliffs update, has been moved to release with the new update. It has been revealed that the Deep Dark is not just a cave, but an entire civilization with cities and treasures.

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