Minecraft: Update, Patch Notes

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is set to receive the 1.19 update soon. Prior to this, the developers have begun rolling out beta versions for the new update. This includes The Wild Update and last week’s block beta update. In addition, a new beta has been released.


This update focuses on bug fixes and performance enhancement. While no new features are added, existing features have been modified. The primary changes are to frogs, fixes in gameplay, mobs, and blocks, among others. Read on to find out the details of the patch update.

Experimental Features

  • Frogs:
    • An issue that caused frogs to eat goats has been fixed. The goats will be left alone now.

Bug Fixes and Features

  • Blocks:
    • Cocoa Pods on chunk borders will not break anymore when world reload happens
    • Structure Blocks will transform into multi-face blocks
  • Gameplay:
    • A bug causing paintings to overlap with items is fixed
    • A bug that causes observer block to retain lit state in inventory if destroyed is fixed
    • Pillager Outposts will spawn the correct number of pillagers and golems
  • Mobs
    • Untamed cats can be unleashed
    • When targeting the enemy, elder guardians and guardians will not sink
  • Graphical
    • A bug that made boats vanish after a long ride is fixed
    • Boats and their oars are of the same color

  • UI
    • The construction tab’s color when using Pocket UI has the correct color
    • An issue with missing Inventory slots in Pocket UI fixed
    • Lastly, an issue with blank inventory slots in creative inventory causing interaction issues are fixed
  • World Generation
    • Chests and Monster Spawners are in correct structures

These are the primary changes that the new update has brought to Minecraft. Moreover, the beat has brought technical changes as well. This can also be accessed at the official website.

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