Minecraft Update 1.18: Caves & Cliffs 2, All We Know

The fresh mountain and cave biomes have piqued gamers’ interest from the beginning of 2021. The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 1 was released on June 8th, just as Mojang had previously stated. Now comes Part 2!

To ensure that all of the additional features were released as efficiently as possible, the patch was split into 2 parts. Despite the fact that the 1.17 patch did not include major updates, it did introduce a few valuable items and blocks to the game, like a spyglass, tinted glass, and dripstone.

Caves & Cliffs 2

  • Unfortunately, no precise launch date for the Caves & Cliffs part 2 patch has been announced. Nevertheless, Mojang stated during one of their publications that the patch would be released in late 2021. This suggests that it could possibly get a Winter release.
  • Both upwards and downwards, the world’s height will expand. The gamer can construct to a height limit of Y 320, and the world will generate downwards until it reaches Y -64. Mountains can achieve Y level 260 and caves as low as -59.
  • With the 1.18 edition, three additional cave biomes will be added to the game. Aside from biomes, the patch includes three new noise cave generations. Lastly, Patch 1.18 will also add five new mountain sub-biomes. Check out the table below!
Dripstone Caves
Lush Caves
Deep Dark Caves
Mountain Meadows
Lofty Peaks
Snowy Slopes
Snow-capped Peaks
Mountain Groves
  • Sculks are strange blocks that sprout in cave biomes that are deep and dark. Sculk detectors are sculk blocks that you can acquire with the “/give” command in the 1.17 edition.
  • In the upcoming update, a new monster The Warden will become the game’s first visually impaired mob, but like the sculk sensors, it can recognize vibration.

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