Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade Dies at 23 After Cancer Battle

Technoblade - Minecraft Cancer

Technoblade, one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers, has passed away following his battle with cancer. The Minecraft content creator was only 23 years old.

Technoblade was one of the biggest Minecraft content creators on YouTube

Anyone who plays Minecraft surely knows Technoblade. From his creative and funny videos to how interactive he is with fans, Technoblade was one of the most famous Minecraft YouTubers. Aside from his personality, fans tune in to Technoblade’s videos because it is evident that he is passionate and thankful for the Minecraft community.

However, the Minecraft content creator was diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago. After a doctor’s appointment due to his right arm hurting, the doctors found a tumor growing in his body. Furthermore, the tumor is responsible for Techno’s shoulder swelling painfully.

Minecraft - Technoblade Cancer
Screengrab Courtesy of Technoblade via YouTube

Nonetheless, this did not bring Techno’s spirits down. After the diagnosis, he went on YouTube and uploaded a video explaining why he went on a hiatus. And although the subject was heavy, Techno was still all smiles. This is one of his traits which his fans and viewers absolutely loved about him.

In the months leading up to his death, Technoblade made sure to keep his fanbase updated about his situation. And in a final video for his fans, Techno made sure to keep their spirits up despite him passing on.

‘so long nerds,’ Technoblade bids farewell to fans after passing away from cancer

In one last video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Technoblade says goodbye to his viewers. Sticking to his lighthearted persona, the video is titled ‘so long nerds’. Throughout the video, his father reads a letter which Alex (Techno’s real name) himself wrote before passing away.

The six-minute video was Technoblade’s love letter to his fans, thanking them for the support and love he’s received over the years. But aside from Techno making jokes here and there about his situation, his tone shifted as he expressed his deep love and gratitude for his fans.

“Thank you all for supporting my content over the years. If I had another 100 lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time. As those were the happiest years of my life.”

The letter was written hours before Techno passed away

After Techno’s father finished reading the letter, he shared that it was written eight hours before Technoblade died. And although Techno planned on recording the video himself, it was impossible because of his health condition making him weak.

Minecraft - Technoblade Cancer Dad
Screengrab Courtesy of Technoblade via YouTube

His father had a few words to share about Techno near the end of the video. He thanked the fans for loving his son, saying that the fans “meant a lot to him.”

All proceeds from Technoblade’s merch store will be donated to The Sarcoma Foundation of America as his family will keep the store open. Additionally, the Minecraft YouTuber also released a new merch line following his death. As one fan put it, “his sense of humor will truly never die.”

If you are part of the Hypixel Server on Discord, you can leave a message for Technoblade’s family. The messages will then be printed out and sent to Techno’s family as a way of tribute to the legacy Techno left behind.

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We at Spiel Times offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Technoblade in these trying times.

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