Unique cosmetic bundles are something Riot Games is regarded for in Valorant. And it’s for this reason that, in addition to fantastic maps and agents, the game features stunning weapon skins with impressive visuals!

Tethered Realm and Minima skin bundles were officially revealed by the designers. Very seldom do the devs tease 2 skin packages at the same time, but that’s essentially what transpired in the most recent dev talk!

Minima Skin

The Minima Skin Bundle was created because the devs wished to launch a weapon skin that was “simple and clean”. Unlike most weapon cosmetics in Valorant, the Minima skin has only one shade of color: Black. Despite this, hundreds of thousands of players are showing interest due to its straightforward design!

Minima Skin Release Date

We expect that the Valorant Minima Bundle will be out today (12th of May 2021) according to ValorLeaks on Twitter! Nevertheless, it’s difficult to predict when the complete set will be available to purchase. So it’s wise to keep an eye on the weapon store because it could appear in the game at any time.

Full Bundle + Individual Skin Cost

When it comes out in the game, the full Minima Bundle will cost 5100VP. If you prefer to purchase a single weapon skin rather than the complete bundle, the following is the actual costing:

Phantom 1,275 VP
Spectre 1,275 VP
Sheriff 1,275 VP
Operator 1,275 VP
Ares 1,275 VP

If you appreciate the new weapon skins, you should purchase the entire bundle to save extra cash!

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