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A sad line of realization may have swept us across when engaging in socialization in the in-groups of their school life. Bullying has never been the educated person’s primary motive. Yet its prevalence is ever-green for many growing up. English model crowned Miss England 2022 Jessica Gagen was bullied when she was a kid. She is currently an aerospace engineering student.

Jessica Gagen is from Skelmersdale and had signed up with a modeling agency. After her A-levels, she started catwalking around the country. Jessica Gagen had previously lost to Rehema Muthamia, securing the runner-up position last year. This year she brimmed and glistened in Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport as the new winner of Miss England. Now scheduled to represent her country to possibly become Miss World. Jessica Gagen is history’s first red-haired Miss England with its 94 years long legacy.

Things kinda changed when she took to her Instagram to share how what she shared was a personal story. She didn’t mean for it to become so enormous, let alone be on the frontlines of any magazine. What exactly happened that made Miss England 2022 recount her past pains?

Recounting how Miss England 2022 Jessica Gagen  was bullied during her teen

Miss Universe 2022
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This 26-year-old who is also pursuing Aerospace engineering at the University of Liverpool said, and I quote

Throughout secondary school, I was teased for being a redhead. I didn’t mention it much during last year’s competition as I’m a big believer in leaving negativity in the past. But with there never being a red-haired Miss Englan, I feel it’s important to educate people about what redheads face in school and empower kids who are facing the same things I did.”

  • Relentlessly bullied, punched, and called names, Jessica retold a story in which a girl burned her. The motive behind the bully was simple, Jessica Gagen was ginger – had red hair.
  • She also recalled how she had to curl into the corners of the bathroom stalls to eat her lunch. This is given from the situation that if she tried sitting down with any of the girls they’d just simply leave.

I was name-called on the daily, and although I don’t think the kids were being malicious in doing so, there were definitely times they were.”

Miss England 2022 Jessica Gagen previously wanted to refrain from dwelling on past pains

Jessica Gagen Miss Universe 2022 shares how she was bullied
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  • Jessica had refrained from mentioning these accounts in her previous attempt at Miss England. She did so because she felt one should leave the past negativities be.

“In Year 7 I used to eat my lunch in the school toilets, because on the occasions I’d try to sit with some of the girls they’d stand up and leave me by myself. I used to get really upset about it all. But I’m determined to show kids who are facing the same thing that it won’t happen forever.”

  • Gagen was hit with the realization that she is England’s first red-haired Miss England ever. And hence should she can share with others the events of her life.
  • This is with the utmost hope that she will be able to give strength to other red hairs; also to the people who go through something similar or even worse.

“I feel it’s important to educate people about what redheads face in school and empower kids who are facing the same things I did. I was name-called on the daily. And although I don’t think the kids were being malicious in doing so, there were definitely times they were.”

Jessica’s triumph over Miss England and her wish for encouraging girls toward STEM fields

Jessica Gagen crowned Miss Universe
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  • This Monday Jessica defeated 30 other contenders of beauty contending for the finale of the prestigious pageant.
  • Our friendly ‘neighborhood’ Miss England 2022 can be seen shuffling between her modeling job for fashion brands.
  • While she’s not doing that, she’s trying to advocate for girls’ entry (more) into the STEM fields.

Running for over 96 days around Liverpool in a fancy dress is not the common women’s dream. Yet for accomplishing the same, Jessica is known as fancy-dress-jess around the corners.

Jessica was motivated when she realized that there aren’t many redheads appearing on TV. She was compelled to think that if she could make it, it would be one of the first times ginger has ever accomplished such an accolade.

“I think it would be so good if there could be somebody in that kind of position who is a redhead. Even last year, there wasn’t one redhead in Miss World.”


The world still hasn’t become a fairyland. Yet stories of people who were once at the receiving end of prejudice, recalling their pains after a glorious triumph shall continue to motivate those suffering from something similar.

Miss England 2022 Jessica Gagen has also reportedly raised over £6,000 for local charities. She had beat Chess champion, Emily Cossey, 24, and HGV driver Milly Everatt, 22, from Eastoft, Lincs. Both were announced as the second and third runners-up on 18th October. 

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