After being missing for over two months, 15-year-old Tanvi Marupally, who had walked away from Conway Jr. High School on January 17, 2023, has been located and found safe in Florida. This happened yesterday Wednesday, 29th March 2023.

Tanvi’s family had previously mentioned that she may have run away due to the possibility of moving back to India, which was something she didn’t want to do, and that things had been stressful for her and her family.

How help came about to search for Missing Tanvi Marupally

Jenny Wallace of Conway holds up a flyer on March 26 seeking information about Tanvi Marupally during an event to honor Tanvi’s birthday Sunday at the Faulkner County Library in Conway. Tanvi was found alive and safe Wednesday in Tampa, Fla., according to a Facebook post from the Conway Police Department. (File Photo/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Staci Vandagriff)

Despite several searches conducted by the Conway community during her absence, no luck was met. Therefore, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children took the initiative to expand the search beyond Arkansas by showing missing posters for Tanvi on gas station screens in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee, starting on March 13, 2023.

A cash reward had ensued

  • The reward for information on her whereabouts and safe return home had been increased to $25,000 on Sunday, up from $5,000 previously.
  • The police department is now working with the Tampa Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Service to bring Marupally back to Conway, and her parents have been notified

Why did Tanvi Marupally go missing? What exactly happened

How did Tanvi Maruaplly go missing
Photo of missing Tanvi Marupally which was submitted to Conway Police Department which the dept shared, via Log Cabin Democrat Site

15-year-old Tanvi Marupally, who was last seen heading north on Davis Street in Conway on January 17, has been found safe in Tampa, Florida, according to a Facebook post by the Conway Police Department.

The department shared that Marupally has been located thanks to a tip from a Tampa resident received through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

As of now, things are not clear as to why she left on her own accord. The closest guess is from her parents, who notified the police of her disregard for going back to India.

  • As police pursued local and more widespread tips, the parents of the missing teen reviewed surveillance footage from businesses near the school.
  • In an effort to gather more information about the whereabouts of the teenager, numerous searches were conducted, a reward fund was raised, and flyers were distributed throughout the town.

Her parents have already been notified. “They recognized a situation and may have recognized the child. They took a quick picture and sent it to our call center,” said John Bischoff, Vice President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“When a child is missing, there is no such thing as somebody else’s child,” Conway resident and local organizer Jenny Wallace said.


Tanvi Marupally missing
Image courtesy of Conway Police Department’s Twitter Handle
  • In commemoration of her 15th birthday, a celebration was held for the teen by the community earlier this month, even though she was still away from her family. Members of the community gathered on Sunday to plant a tree in celebration of Marupally’s 15th birthday.

“A special thanks to the community and the involved agencies for helping bring Tanvi home,” the CPD social media post read. “This investigation will continue, and we will release more information as it becomes available.”

The community and involved agencies were acknowledged in the Facebook post for their help in bringing Tanvi home. Conway resident and local organizer Jenny Wallace emphasized the importance of community involvement in missing children cases.

  • It is unclear whether the Conway police will hold a news conference on Wednesday to provide updates on the case.
SOURCES: Conway Police Dept Twitter, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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