Mississippi woman shoots husband Facebook live murder Kadejah Brown
Mississippi woman Kadejah Brown shoots husband on Facebook Live (Image courtesy of Law & Crime)

A 28-year-old woman named Kadejah Brown was arrested in Mississippi for shooting and killing her husband, Jeremy, while arguing on a Facebook livestream. The bizarre incident unfolded while the latter was attempting to leave the house in the middle of an argument with his wife. Kadejah took to Facebook to livestream the whole dispute and in a shocking turn of events, she shot him with a gun, leading to his death.

The murder happened earlier on Saturday morning, March 25, 2023, and Kadejah Brown was quickly arrested and charged with murder. She is still in police custody while authorities investigate further into the incident. However, given the livestream video evidence of the shooting, it is highly unlikely that the Mississippi woman will be able to get away from some serious charges and punishment.

Why did Kadejah Brown shoot her husband during an argument on Facebook Live?

A viral clip from Kadejah Brown’s Facebook livestream has been circulating on social media. From the footage, we can understand that she started the livestream in an attempt to publicize her domestic dispute. 

In the beginning, 28-year-old Jeremy Brown is on a phone call, dodging Kadejah’s questions and insults. Other people can also be seen in the video, assumed to be her family members. 

The argument intensifies with each passing second and at one point, she drops the phone on the ground and only what they’re saying can be heard. She keeps repeating that her husband is bisexual.

Out of nowhere, Kadejah pulls out a gun which shocks everyone in the room and immediately shoots Jeremy. The single shot was powerful enough to kill her husband.

Authorities begin investigation into Mississippi livestream murder

Police authorities from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office have stated that Kadejah Brown and her husband had a history of domestic violence. The Sheriff called the murder “senseless” and that she will be held accountable for her actions. Kadejah Brown is in custody at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.

Reportedly, Jeremy Brown was trying to de-escalate the situation between him and his wife. He tried to pacify her first but that didn’t seem to work. He attempted to leave the apartment to cool things down but that clearly had the opposite effect on Kadejah. She shot her husband with a 9mm gun that the police have recovered as physical evidence in the investigation.

Social media reactions to the livestreamed shooting incident

Inevitably, the Mississippi shooting incident has drawn in some shocking reactions from all over social media. Twitter users have set out to seek justice for the victim. 

The fact that there were other family members in the house, including kids, while the shooting took place, has sparked heavy outrage.

People are calling for Kadejah Brown to be awarded the worst possible punishment for her actions. While the murder itself was cold-blooded, her decision to livestream it on Facebook has baffled social media users.

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