Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 1 is a telling tale of the anxieties of growing up

The unique abilities of Anime Episode lie in their way of confronting a human topic. The producers then mix in the nicest bits of fictitious larger-than-life elements and serve in an aesthetic manner. While some Anime Episodes are chronological, some are more anthological (meaning one episode tells one specific story and concludes it).

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 1 is one such episode, fine-tuned by Bone Studios to be a treat for the supernaturally inclined. Its main features are Mob’s growing age anxiety and of course, Master Reigen.

(P.S: Although Mob Psycho 100 is not anthological, it does sometimes adapt and finish an entire storyline in one episode. Even if the story stretched some 3-4 manga chapters, all of that may be finished within one episode.)

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Mob Psycho 100 III Reigen still remains the series’ most notably interesting character

Mob Psycho 100 III is the third and final installment in the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by author One. The Animanga series tells the story of Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama, the world’s unnoted but definitive strongest esper. Born with psychic abilities, Shigeo helps in his part-time, Spirits and Such Consultation Office. Run by the eccentric Arataka Reigen, who is also noticeably the series’ most popular character.

former claw member has joined Reigen in Mob Psycho 100 final season
Former Member of Claw 5 who joined Reigen’s Office. courtesy of Youtube Official trailer (via Anitv Channel)

The first episode of the third season introduced us to the latest member of the spirit consultation office – Serizawa. If you remember him correctly, he was one of the members of the world’s strongest force of espers residing in Japan. The once formidable foe is now a loyal assistant of the great Reigen. The episode dealt with issues relating to the anxieties of the future the pen of many normal fellas. Mob and Serizawa are also not averse to the same.

Why are Mob and Serizawa pressed by anxieties about the future in Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 1?

Now the cases are different for both but ultimately similar. Serizawa and Mob show up together with their boss Reigen in an unkempt house. With piles of garbage dumps surrounding the interior, the man with no hair other than on his side greets the main characters.

  • The old man is revealed to once be wealthy and heroic, he also had a girlfriend. But at one point things started to go downhill. He lost his job, his girlfriend (who was with him only for the cash and was a blonde, some gold digger she was), and his motivation.

The man who gave up on growing 

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 1
the dumpster of a home of the man. (Via crunchyroll)
  • At one point he started avoiding anything that required him to make changes and got stagnated. He blames all of this on an evil spirit, who he feels has been pressing him down.
  • While the man is explaining, what actually hits Araraka sensei is not any evil presence but instead the creeping cockroaches. The insects apparently disgust and threaten Reigen beyond measure. Uncomfortable, Reigen finds a recluse after running away to the nearby supermarket and leaves things to his very formidable assistants.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 1 tells how Mob and Serizawa feel the man’s situation hitting too close to home

Mob Psycho 100 Reigen
Serizawa and Mob relate to the man’s problems, Courtesy of Muse Asia

When Mob and Serizawa listen to the man banter about he always wanted to do something good with his life, they start relating to him.

  • Mob is affected because his high school (Salt Junior High) had asked him to write about what he wanted to do in the future.
    • This is common in Japan, where students before graduating from high school are asked to write their career prospects.
    • Shigeo has been pondering over what to write for a long time, asking even Reigen in the initial few minutes of the episodes. Reigen jokes that Mob should work at his office, to which a confused Mob is unable to reply.

  • Serizawa is penned by the past where he spent 30 years of his life straying in his own closed room. Not knowing what to do in the future to give justice to his 30 years of living life.

Both Mob and Serizawa feel that the man’s remorse and burden hit too close to home.

The story of the man is that of one who needs to help himself

Mob Reigen and Serizawa
Spirits and Such Consultation Office visits the man who is pressed by the self proclaimed evil spirit. Via muse asia
  • When the man starts speaking, he kind of gets swayed in and is unable to continue. A cloud of negative energy surrounds the man’s house and spreads to the entire neighborhood.
  • The entire area is engulfed in dismay, disapproval, demotivation, and hopelessness. When the evil spirit tries to affect Reigen who is seen coming out from his supermarket, Reigen counters using his special move: Hydrogen Water attack.

Mob and Serizawa deal with the evil spirit

The evil spirit as seen in Mob Psycho 100
The evil spirit, via Muse Asia
  • Upon returning back Reigen pulls Serizawa and Mob out of their own personal bad trip. They then realize that it is more likely that the evil spirit was created by that man’s own negative emotions.
  • As such Mob and Serizawa instantly monopolize the evil cloud, killing it. The old man greets the three with gratitude and in the end, is seen walking back home with a pair of shonen manga series.

The metaphor in Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 1 for how people only change when they will it themselves

The man takes home his shonen manga col

This possibly hints that the man will continue to do nothing but read comics, continuing his ever-lasting habits and possibly creating a similar cloud once again.

In many ways, this is a metaphor for how things don’t change unless we ourselves do. Others can come and unburden us, but the anxieties of growing up must be faced by oneself, for oneself.

Mob finally finds an answer

Mob Psycho 100 Reigen
Reigen talks to Mob in the end, courtesy of Muse Asia

By the end of the episode, Mob confronts Reigen once again. Mob tells Reigen that he will perhaps not continue to work with Spirits and Such Consultation Office anymore. His future isn’t decided, and he is open to working in other fields, possibly becoming a traveler.

Reigen notes that is alright, and he only joked when he previously asked Mob to come work under him. Mob feeling teary at his mentors’ words, expresses his gratitude and leaves. A surprised Serizawa and Reigen look at mob as the latter remarks that he didn’t think Mob would leave right away – ending the episode in a comic tone.

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