Mob Psycho 100 III: Has Dimple always been evil? Explained

Anyone who has stumbled upon ONE would tell you what a great storyteller he is. Especially if you stumble upon Yusuke Murata, the renowned Japanese Mangaka and illustrator. The One Punch Man artist will tell you how great the characters in ONE’s story are. As such ONE’s second emblem, Mob Psycho 100 also contains a series of interesting roles, including villains. One of the first-ever enemies faced by Mob is notably the one who ended up becoming his spirit ally – Dimple.

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Yusuke’s original comments on the work of ONE are that of praise for his narration, story development, and character background. One of the finer ways in which this manifests itself is through the ways different villains end up becoming allies in his stories.

The Divine Tree arc short recap

Divine Tree Mob Psycho 100
Dimple’s Divine Tree given material form, courtesy of Muse Asia
  • The recent episode in Mob Psycho 100 III, the anime’s third and notably final season, introduced us to a harrowing power brewing by the divine tree. Adapting the divine tree arc of the manga, the episode’s production value was received to be soaring by the fans.
  • Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 3 had earlier gone over Mob’s entry into teenage indicated by the vindictive symptoms that befall everyone. From misthinking that all girls are into him to trying to up his self-esteem by becoming a cult leader. Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama did this and everything else his environment had to offer.

Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 is a far more interesting character than you thought

dimple in mob psycho 100
Dimple in Episode 3, via muse Asia
  • He also apparently had a chatter with his spirit ally that has struck around ever since season 1 – Dimple. His actual Japanese pronunciation is Ekubo, but the translation isn’t wrong. This casts from Dimple’s previous attempts at raising his all-smile cult, which was about the definition of toxic spiritualism.
  • Dimple ran his cult by enforcing self-suffocating ideals of happiness and smile. Dimple is a name that is befitting of his personality – and origin. Although Dimple has struck around Mob and even become faithful to him as a friend, it may have been too soon to consider him good.

Mob and Dimple’s argument 

Dimple in Mob Psycho 100
Mob tells Dimple to let go of his evil plans, to which Dimple lets out a straight face (indicating there’s more to his plans than he’ll let on), Courtesy of Muse Asia

The recent episodes explored how Dimple has been much away from home. As of now, both Mob and his brother Ritsu have started considering Dimple as their, well, spirit pet. Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 3 comes into an argument with Mob. When the spirit asks Mob to take his helm as the righteous owner of the psycho helmet religion, Mob declines.

Mob is rather insightful for someone who’s suffering from adolescent symptoms

Kageyama in Mob Psycho 100 season 3 release when?
courtesy of Youtube Official trailer (via Anitv Channel)

Our protagonist even goes further into interrogating Dimple on his intentions.

  • This is one of the few times in which the brilliance and depth of our protagonist truly shinies. Despite being simultaneously pressed by the denseness of thinking that all people are looking at him (while they aren’t).
  • Mob is unusually introspective when it comes to understanding certain situations. One such example includes knowing who Reigen is and yet letting him play the super psychic master role.

Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 has been draining energy from the Divine Tree

  • Another is when Mob directly confronts Dimple, telling the spirit that he knows Dimple has been draining energy from the Divine Tree. Dimple at first is surprised at this, but he doesn’t really deny it. Dimple’s long-reigning dream, as it is revealed, has been to become a god of the modern world.
  • He initially did this with his first cult but failed when Reigen and Mob interrupted. Despite remaining with Mob throughout Seasons 1 through 3, it seems Dimple has not outgrown his desires.

Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 may not be evil

I would note at this precipice that Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 may not be evil. There are certain ways in which the author highlights this. This is especially recognizable if you are initiated into the storytelling of ONE.

  • Even in One Punch Man, there are moments when the character looks with a straight face and hints that there’s something more to what he’s letting out. Dimple lets out a similar face when Mob asks him to drop his evil world dominion plans.
Dimple Mob Psycho Divine Tree100 III Episode 3 Divine Tree
People heil Mob as the true founder of Psycho Helmet religion and the Divine Tree after being told as so by their mind controller – Dimple.
  • At the end of the episode, it is also revealed that Dimple lets all the followers know instantly that the true founder of the Psycho Helmet religion which he claims the authority of, is actually Mob himself. This was quite shocking, given that I expected him to order his followers to become a meat shield.


mob in anime season 3 trailer
courtesy of Youtube Official trailer (via Anitv Channel)

Given Shigeo’s nature, he couldn’t have been able to hurt the people he loved. Dimple could have easily taken any of his loved ones hostage and that may have been enough to overpower Shigeo. Unlike Saitama, our protagonist here isn’t invincible.

But Dimple refrains from such unworthy tactics. Hell, in what seemed to be a glorious gesture of welcome, he allows the followers to even appraise him for his true worth. After all, Mob truly is the founder. It seems this either may be out of respect because Dimple knows how strong his friend Esper is. This may also be a tactic, but my horses are on the former. Nonetheless, Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 3 remains one of the finest episodes ever produced, from the pacing to Reigen’s brainwashing revelations to the ED song.

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