Mob Psycho 100: Is Shigeo’s greatest friend his enemy?

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 5 has explored Dimple in quite a sophisticated manner. From his ideals as a cult leader to ultimately trying to use Mob to his advantage. We have seen Mob Psycho 100 explore its villains in different ways, as an expedient of storytelling. Whether it be Teru Hanazawa who soon did a foe-turned-friend or Claw’s ultimate Boss, whose strength was insane.

The two kinds of villains in the works of Mob Psycho 100’s Author

No one really foresaw Dimple’s appearance as an antagonist. Yet I would like to concur here that the border in which Dimple is termed evil or good be judged with caution. A piece of advice usually looms over anyone who has seen enough of ONE’s work. There are usually two kinds of villains in the author’s stories.

  1. One is mob monsters whose simple purpose is to feed the audience the innate strength of the protagonist. This is done when the main hero thrashes these mobs around. Saitama thrashes almost all his villains around.
  2. The second kind is the primary kind. These are the villains with a cause.
One Punch Man Boros vs Saitama
Boros Acknowledges Saitama, via pinterest
  • Boros in One Punch Man wanted to be the conqueror of the universe and was told by a prophecy that he shall meet his end in a distant plan.
    • The prophecy came true when Boros fought Saitama and lost without even being capable of making Saitama go all out.
  • In Mob Psycho 100, we initially deal with Claw’s division 7. But as things progress in Season 2 the entire Claw operations itself is brought into the picture.
    • In what Mob Psycho 100 introduced as one of the most powerful espers in existence, Toichiro Suzuki fights our protagonist in an all-out brawl.
  • The brawl ends in Mob’s favor, giving birth to the divine tree. Through all of Mob’s adventures, Dimple has given him company.

As such fans did not imagine, although a glimpse may have already existed, that Dimple would turn foe.

Dimple has been with Mob for a long time

Dimple in Mob Psycho 100
Mob tells Dimple to let go of his evil plans, to which Dimple lets out a straight face (indicating there’s more to his plans that he’ll let on), Courtesy of Muse Asia

One doesn’t expect complex philosophies or moral juxtapositions in an anime. But take to ONE to bring beautiful complexities in simple stories. As the audience knows, Dimple was originally a cult leader. He led his cult in order to become a powerful individual. But once he was defeated by Mob we were led to believe his story has ended.

  • This happened until Dimple-Sama was reintroduced as a mere spirit – with not even half of his original psychic powers.
  • Ever since Dimple has stayed with Mob as Mob defeated various monsters, entities, beings, and even the hailed god of Claw.

Dimple Vs Mob is a battle of moral philosophy in Mob Psycho 100 III 

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 5 Dimple
God Dimple God Beam attack, courtesy of muse asia

When the two starts talking, Mob initially refers to dimple as Psycho Helmet-sama. But once Mob proceeds to the interior of the divine tree which is broccoli, our strongest esper realizes that Psycho-helmet is none other than Ekubo (Dimple).

  • As such both engage in a furry of conversation where Mob wishes Dimple to stop with the mind-controlling. To this Dimple replies that he doesn’t wish to take away anyone’s will.
    • Everyone will laugh, love, and do everything they originally did with their personality. But they will pray five minutes a day to the divine tree, which will become Dimple’s sustenance.

    • He isn’t shy to reveal his agendas, which otherwise may feel petty, to his friend Shigeo.
  • Shigeo says how this is taking away their right, for they cannot protest or object to Dimple’s controlled wills. Dimple justifies this by saying that people already follow laws and customs in a society, how are his methods any different?

Dimple has been planning on how to subjugate Mob for a long time

Mob Psycho 100
Mob vs Claw boss, via Muse Asia

Mob’s greatest battle before this was his battle with the boss of Claw, who was notably the strongest psychic to ever exist. This happened in Season 2. Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 5 drew on this, as Dimple noted that he has witnessed Mob throughout his journey.

After becoming Shigeo Mob Kageyama’s spirit ally, Dimple has roamed and been part of all his personal life. As such, Dimple is the one person who knows Mob more than anyone. He knows Shigeo from a third-person perspective even, something Reigen and Ritsu may not be able to do. If anyone can possibly hope of defeating the unwarranted barrage of infinite power that is Shigeo, it’s Dimple.

Dimple still cares for Mob as made evident in Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 5

Dimple Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 5
God Dimple prepares to attack Mob

For Mob, his calling out Dimple is not physical. Sure, Shigeo does want Dimple to show his true green physical spirit self. But this is more symbolic. What Mob actually wants, and it is hinted at multiple times, is for Dimple to show his true emotions.

Mob believes that this evil person and agenda isn’t who Dimple truly is. This is further outlined by Dimple worrying if he hit Mob too hard after releasing his Godly Beam.


Dimple’s worry for his friend is touching because although he wants to subjugate Mob, he doesn’t wish to kill his old friend. Dimple cares and he is more than enough capable of caring. It feels to me like Dimple knows of Mob’s extraordinary strength, and he wants to use just enough force to put Mob in the same line.

As such, Dimple may have been Shigeo’s greatest friend so far. Along with Reigen, Ritsu, Hanazawa, and everyone in Body Improvement Club. Mob’s journey is also about to end as Season 3 is the final rendition of Mob Psycho 100 anime. How will things twist? We can only hop on.

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