Mobile Legends player x coach Ivan ‘Navi’ Gacho dies at 24 – Possible Cause of death

The Mobile Legends community in the Philippines was shocked with the devastating news of former professional player and coach Ivan ‘Navi’ Gacho dying at the age of 24. Gacho would have turned 25 in May but unfortunately, he passed away on Monday, April 24, 2023. At such a young age, a lot of his fans are wondering what is the possible cause of death of Navi, the former Mobile Legends player and coach?

What is the possible cause of death?

The cause of death of the Ivan ‘Navi’ Gacho was determined by his family. According to his brother Isidro Erickson, Navi died at the age of 24 because of fatal arrhythmia. This is also known as having an irregular heartbeat. However, the family did not disclose any other details about what possibly caused Navi to have an irregular heartbeat.

Some of the possible causes of fatal arrhythmia are the following:

  • Heart disease
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Stress
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Drug abuse

A lot of his fans took to the comments section to send in their condolences. There were also others who took the time to remind everyone to take care of themselves. It is possible that Navi might have suffered tremendous stress, leading him to develop an irregular heartbeat which is the cause of his death.

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At first glance, one may think that getting a job in esports is easy. All you have to do is either lead the team or play a few games against opponents. However, the esports scene is very competitive and in some cases, players and coaches develop health-related concerns over time.

What happens when you suffer from fatal arrhythmia?

When someone suffers from fatal arrhythmia, what it means is that their heartbeat is not normal. It can either be beating too fast, too slow, or at an irregular rate. Because of this, the blood flow to your vital organs are affected. Some of the vital organs affected by fatal arrhythmia are the brain and heart.

The effects of fatal arrhythmia are fatal and they include, but are not limited to, stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, and heart failure. If a normal heart rhythm is not brought back within minutes, it could lead to the death of anyone suffering from fatal arrhythmia.

Ivan ‘Navi’ Gacho was a talented Mobile Legends player and coach in the Philippines

The whole Mobile Legends community in the Philippines mourned the death of Ivan ‘Navi’ Gacho, one of their former players and coach. Aside from his fans, his former colleagues, teammates, and friends all expressed their sadness for Navi’s untimely passing.

After Season 4, Navi took a break from playing and ultimately decided to step up and be as a coach for RSG Ignite. If you have been following the Mobile Legends Development League Philippines (MDL PH), you might be familiar with RSG Ignite and Navi’s quick-witted plays.

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Under Navi’s leadership, the team was able to secure a fifth-to-sixth place finish during MDL PH’s first season. Despite having lost, a lot of professional players and coaches recognized Navi’s game sense and coaching abilities.

The MLBB community lost a star

Navi’s untimely passing is definitely a big loss for the Mobile Legends scene in the Philippines. As one of the players who helped popularize the game in the country, it’s no surprise that a lot of his fellow players look up to him and consider him their mentor.

Navi will always be remembered for his passion and talent in Mobile Legends. Surely, his legacy and achievements will be remembered for years to come. Spiel Times offers its sincerest condolences to Navi’s family and friends. Rest in power, you have done well.

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Feel free to leave your messages for Navi in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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