Mobile Legends: Upcoming skins, heroes, and events, August-September 2022, Leaks (UPDATED!)

In this article, we will discuss the possible upcoming skins, heroes, and events coming to mobile legends in July – August 2022. Enjoy! Season 25 of Mobile Legends will begin on July 2 and several new skins and events are coming in July 2022.

  • Selena’s Gothic Curse will be the first buy skin for the season.
  • Only 100 diamonds are the prerequisite to purchasing the skin, and fans would receive the Avatar Border absolutely free upon any recharge.
We’ll highlight what MOONTON Games’ creators have planned for Mobile Legends in the forthcoming month of July in this article.

Mobile Legends: Upcoming Skins, Heroes, and Events

Fans look forward to discovering which up-and-coming heroes will be in their starlight pass each month. This is because they would buy the starlight pass if their favorite hero was among the available cosmetics. You’ll want to collect every skin your hero has in this game, especially if you’re a collector or just want different skill effects.

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass – August 2022

  • The Natan “Captain Chrono” skin will be available to gamers in August who purchase the Starlight pass. Natan is a pretty good hero who was recently accessible to players a few seasons ago. He is great at controlling crowds and has great damage.
Image Courtesy of MOONTON games
  • Additionally, Natan has a lot of mobility thanks to his ultimate skill. He’s one of the Top picks in recent METAs. He has recently seen a little decline in pick rate. However, it is reasonable to anticipate that Natan’s pick rate would rise after the debut of the starlight skin.
  • As an alternative to Natan’s starlight skin, players would have the option of selecting different hero skins. The choices are Aldous “The Insentient,” Chang’e “Strawberry Parfait,” Franco “Apocalypse,” and Gusion “Cyber Ops.”
  • Natan Sacred Statue, Esmeralda “Lady Thief” painted skin, and Natan in-game emote are additional special Starlight Pass perks.

September Collector Skin Miya

Screengrab Courtesy of Joni Gamerz via YouTube

Mobile Legends New Hero – Fredrinn

Screengrab Courtesy of Joni Gamerz via YouTube

Mobile Legends Starlight September

Image Courtesy of Redline TV via YouTube

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass – July 2022

Image Courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official via YouTube
  • Nana’s Cyclone Clash is the July Starlight skin, and players holding Starlight Passes will also receive Nana’s Sacred Statue.
    • Despite being a well-liked hero, Nana didn’t get much attention in the most recent start. One reason is that this starlight might not be for everyone.
Image Courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official via YouTube

Only 1 skin from the list of these 5 skins may be selected by players with July passes.

  • The Starlight Pass will also grant players access to the Lou Yi painted skin for Tenko in addition to this one.
    • In the upper mythic tier matches, Luo Yi is one of the most frequently chosen mages. Because of her versatility, a good player with exceptional mechanics can make Luo Yi invincible in-game.

Aamon – Noble Crest Elite Skin

Screengrab Courtesy of Sena YS Gaming via YouTube
  • The Noble Crest Elite skin for Aamon will go on sale for 599 Diamonds on July 11 and will have a discount of 30% for the first week.
    • Mobile Legends Season 24 saw the release of Aamon, and players have praised his gameplay. For Aamon, this would be his first Elite Skin.

Yi Sun-Shin (YSS) – Epic Skin

Screengrab Courtesy of Sofie Official Mobile Legends via YouTube
  • On July 23, you may purchase the Yi Sun-Shin Epic Skin for 899 diamonds with a first-week discount of 30%. The Mythical Glory players always make an extremely crucial choice in selecting YSS. Yi Sun-Shin, when played by a high-level user, can carry the entire team to the highest ranks in ML.

Collector Skin: Luo Yi: Elysium Guardian – July 2022

Screengrab Courtesy of Fukazee ML
  • On July 8, this skin, which is a part of the Heavenly Artifact Series, will be accessible.
    • This series also includes the already-released Zilong’s Collector skin.
    • The following installment in the series would feature Lou Yi’s skin.
    • Other heroes in this series who could receive skins include Chang’e, Akai, Yu Zhong, and Wanwan.

Zilong and Luo Yi are Heroes based on Chinese mythologies and culture, as the Mobile Legends lore goes.

Season 24 Skin Reward

  • Players of Mobile Legends who have achieved a rating higher than Master will all receive the Grock’s Ancient Totem skin.
    • Grock’s pick rate had significantly decreased because of the new picks available.
    • Grock’s pick rate has increased, though, following the most recent adjustments to his abilities. Though, to be completely honest, Ch4knu could still use the old version of Grock and would still carry his team right?
    • It is also likely that Grock would be chosen considerably more frequently in matches thanks to the new skin that would be supplied to practically all players who are now online.

Game Changes – July 2022

  • Gord and Terizla have been given buffs.
  • Xavier, Lunox had some minor adjustments.
  • Glowing Wand and Blood Wings are buffed.
  • Aegis, Genius Wand, and Radiant Armor are nerfed.
  • Blade armor had a minor modification.
  • To aid the mages in farming effectively, there will be 4 minions in the middle lane for the first 5 minutes.
  • Early spawning of Blue and Orange boost in the Jungle Area.
    • To assist the jungler in the event of an invasion, adjustments are also made to that zone.
    • Additionally, until the jungler is two levels below his teammates, he will no longer receive any gold or experience from minions.

The Star Wars and Mobile Legends Collaboration Event – July 2022

Beginning in July 2022, the Star Wars Collaboration will have Kimmy Storm Trooper Skin.


Nathan Starlight Skin – Coming in August 2022

Screengrab Courtesy of Sofie Official Mobile Legends via YouTube

Sun Epic Skin – Coming in August 2022

Screengrab Courtesy of Sofie Official Mobile Legends via YouTube

Kung Fu Panda x Mobile Legends

Image Courtesy of ML_Leaks – Mobile Legends via Facebook

Po and other characters from the popular cartoon series Kung Fu Panda have a good probability of showing up in the Land of Dawn as its newest skin collab.

ML Leaks – Mobile Legends and dafrixkun, among others, have shared leaks of the collaboration, demonstrating Moonton’s ongoing efforts to bring these cartoons to the Land of Dawn.

  • For the collaboration’s debut release, three skins will be available.
    • General Kai and Lord Shen, two of the show’s enemies, will join Po.
    • Po, the endearing series protagonist who aspires to become a Kung Fu master, will then be played by Akai (who we think should be just for free ’cause he’s basically Po. LOL!)
    • Ling will play Lord Shen, the second film’s peacock, and Thamuz will play General Kai, the fearsome enemy bull who betrays Master Oogway.
    • Leaks also included unfinished renderings of the three skins, further demonstrating that Mobile Legends would soon make the collaboration official.
  • Fans want Crane and Tigress as well. Some suggest they want Wanwan or Masha as Tigress and Kaja as Crane (’cause they both have wings :p)

Because of its stunning visual effects, likable characters, and expertly structured plot, the film is recognized as one of the best-animated trilogies. Its popularity then resulted in a number of short films, spin-offs, and even themed parks in the United States.

Possible Release Date

Although a release date for the partnership has not yet been announced, these leaks undoubtedly show that it is already in Moonton’s plan and might materialize at any moment this year.

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