Modern Warfare Remastered: Just a Flashier MW or Something Worth Playing?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Modern Warfare Remastered – Should we really look forward?

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered is coming bundled along with Infinite Warfare. This is not entirely a good practice, as I talked in my Call of Duty Infinite Hate Story – but it still begs the question:

Is it going to be like a trash gamer who loves playing Counter-Strike 1.6 over LAN with AK47 in his hostel room just making a switch to Global Offensive’s M4A1 or is it really going to be different, unique, and literally – modern?

Well, if the creators are to be believed, they’ve done a great deal to make sure Modern Warfare Remastered doesn’t look like a copy just slapped with better textures, more occlusion, and a powerful ambient lighting.

They’ve really taken player’s gaming data into account – about shooting, running, everything. And they’ve leveraged the data to cook a brilliant mix of smoother gameplay.

Modern Warfare RemasteredNow, one thing is for sure. This is also exactly what some desire. Better graphics. So if you only desire better animation, textures, sampling, and a higher resolution support for your dear and beloved old-is-gold Modern Warfare – speak no more: you’ve got it.

But. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered isn’t going to be just that.

Raven Software, an American company acquired by Activision in 1997, is working on “restoring a classic.” They’ve done improvements on three main fronts:

  1. Better graphics, obviously.
  2. Better sound effects (music, however, was untouched).
  3. Making the game more “modern” for its acceptance by gamers.

From new animations to adding reverb, resonance, and depth in the game sound effects (the original game featured single-channel uncompressed WAV) – they’ve truly done a lot to maintain our memories and experience as well as provide a modern game to shooting game lovers.

The game, along with Infinite Warfare, releases in November 4 (earlier for PS4).

2 thoughts on “Modern Warfare Remastered: Just a Flashier MW or Something Worth Playing?”

  1. Thats interesting, bringing it more in line with gamers expectations of modern shooters while keeping its heart. Hoping for a changelog soon

    1. I’ve never been a great fan of Call of Duty games, but Modern Warfare Remastered is on my wishlist because of it’s graphics, redesigned maps and the interface. But if asked about Infinite Warfare, I still think that’s rubbish.

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