Money Heist Korea: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

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The long wait is nearly over for Money Heist Korea, and we’ll walk you through Netflix’s release date, trailer, casts, and more, so stay with us!

Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area

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The South Korean remake of one of Netflix’s biggest series, Money Heist Korea, comes available for viewing via Netflix on June 24, 2022. The series started filming on September 18, 2021, and finally concluded last January 18, 2022.

The first trailer was released the same day the filming ended. All scenes were filmed in Seoul, South Korea. The first season consists of twelve episodes, and an estimated hour running time for each episode.

The Trailers

Netflix posted the official teaser introducing the ensemble cast of Money Heist Korea in a Tweet on January 18th.

Cast Announcement Teaser
Photo courtesy of Netflix

While the first official photo was released last January 19th on Netflix Korea’s official Twitter account, announcing that the series is coming soon.

MHK First Official Photo
Photo courtesy of Netflix Korea

“Get ready for a bold new vision of the ultimate heist” the caption is such a tease for fans, (and we just can’t wait more!) as the Netflix date announcement trailer was revealed on April 29. You may see the trailer here.

Another catching attention for the series is its official trailer. “A crime to top all crimes“, the trailer suggests. Who is excited about this remake? (Because we are!) You may peek at Netflix the official trailer here.

The Plot

From what we get from the teasers and trailers, Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area sets in a future where North and South Korea are unified (which is why Joint Economic Area, or JEA, is in the title).

Moreover, JEA only benefitted the elite people, so a group of thieves plans a heist on the JEA central bank. Promptly they are about to steal a ₩4 trillion money!

According to Netflix’s plot summary, “thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea, trapping hostages inside; the police must stop the thieves as well as the shadowy mastermind behind the heist”.

The Casting

MHK mask
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area homes quite familiar faces from South Korean dramas and movies lead ‘The Gang’ in this awaited Netflix release.

Star-studded Korean actors front-runs to do the biggest heist in the world. The mastermind, The Professor, and his protége, Tokyo is played by Yoo Ji-Tae, and Jun Jong-Seo, respectively.

Following the key roles in the Money Heist series, the Professor’s right hand, Berlin, is played by Squid Game star ‘Sang-woo’ Park Hae-Soo. Moscow and Denver, the father-and-son partners acted by Lee Won-Jong and Kim Ji-Hoo.

In addition to the casting, the famous Nairobi is played by Jang Yoon-Ju, who’s known for being the Koreas Next Top Model presenter, and the hacker, Rio, played by Park Jung-Woo.

Meanwhile, Helsinki and Oslo are passed on to Kim Ji-hun and Lee Kyu-Ho, respectively, where their nationalities were changed to Chinese in the series (Serbians from the original Money Heist).

Below written are the actors to play the roles in the Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area.

  • The Professor – Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Berlin – Park Hae-Soo
  • Tokyo – Jun Jong-Seo
  • Moscow – Lee Won-Jong
  • Denver – Kim Ji-Hoon
  • Nairobi – Jang Yoon-Ju
  • Rio – Park Jung-Woo
  • Helsinki – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Oslo – Lee Kyu-Ho
  • Task Force – Kim Yun-Jin and Kim Sung-O
  • Hostages – Park Myung-Hoon and Lee Joo-Bin
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Have you prepared yourself to plot another heist? If you have any questions regarding Netflix’s Money Heist Korea, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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