Monkey King

With the reveal of Underlord comes another hero called Monkey King

The International 6 is yet to end and we already have many surprises. With the reveal of Underlord comes another hero to join the Dota 2 Family – Monkey King.

At today’s International play, Valve revealed Monkey King along with a martial-arts performance accompanied by Taiko drums. “A recent Dota 2 test update includes a mysterious prevalence of bananas” writes Chris Thursten. Monkey King is also the first hero that isn’t a port from the original mod.

Monkey King will be a part of ‘The New Journey’ update coming this fall. Though his powers and abilities aren’t revealed yet, we can make rough guesses from the reveal trailer. He is a martial-arts specialist, an illusionist and can disguise himself, disappearing from the environment. Teaming up Monkey King with Chaos Knight or Phantom Lancer will give opponents a hard fight.

An Imgur image shows complete details of the Dota version’s Monkey King including his abilities and statistics. More details regarding ‘The New Journey’ update will be out soon.

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