Monster Hunter: World Has Shipped And Digitally Sold Over 12.4M Units

Monster Hunter World

Capcom’s financial year ending statements have revealed that Monster Hunter: World, released in January 2018, has shipped and digitally sold over 12.4 million units worldwide.

To be clear, the figure represents shipped units and digital sales. As of December 2018, the sales figure was 11.9 million which indicates an increase of over 500,000 units shipped and digitally sold in the span of 90 days.

Capcom has listed Monster Hunter: World as the number one Platinum title, followed by –

  • 2009’s Resident Evil 5 with 7.5 million units shipped and digitally sold, of which, 1.4 million were of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • 2012’s Resident Evil 6 with 7.6 million units, of which, 1.7 million were PS4 and Xbox One units
  • 2017’s RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard with 6.4 million units and more to follow

The Resident Evil 2 Remake released in January of this year has shipped and digitally sold over 4.2 million units worldwide. March-released Devil May Cry 5 has already surpassed 2.1 million units and that’s just one month of proper sales.

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