Recent Cyberpunk 2077 Tweet Announces Cars And Radio’s

CD Projekt RED continues to scatter information on its new creation: Cyberpunk 2077. After knowing that we will be able to fight with everyone but not with children and important NPCs, more news from the developers on the game has been released.

The aggressive approach can have serious consequences within the title. Especially if these actions are performed in areas controlled by some kind of authority or band. So in practice, if you are a problem creator, the problems are likely to find you and make you very sick.

Lead quest designer Pawel Sasko has recently released a tweet. This states that it will be possible to own garages and park more vehicles, such as cars and bicycles. He also said that every vehicle will have a radio installed so that you can listen to different stations during car trips. Nothing that we have not already seen in other games, but it is still an interesting feature that is added.

As always, Sasko has focused again on the crossroads present in history. This will allow events to develop in a different way depending on the choices made by the player. This system will be more widespread and integrated. And above all, it will be able to lead to total changes in history.

Furthermore, the quest system has also been reconstructed in order to achieve better results. And to make the transition from one quest to another as natural and fluid as possible, without any particular detachments. In this way, the playability of the title will not be compromised and the whole will be more linear.

What do you think of this news, has Cyberpunk 2077 caught your interest?

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