Rebecca Scofield, Moscow Idaho Murder Case
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A TikToker was sued by Rebecca Scofield for spreading misinformation about the tragic Moscow quadruple Idaho murder case, while police are investigating.

The lawsuit against Tiktoker Ashley Guillard

TikTok personality Ashley Guillard faces a lawsuit for her videos claiming to have solved the Idaho quadruple murder case. Her videos alleged the involvement of the school’s history professor as the lead suspect in the fatal stabbing case.

  • Rebecca Scofield filed a federal complaint in the Idaho district court seeking a jury trial and reimbursement for defamation. She is an author and assistant professor of history (Gender, sexuality, and American West). Ashley Guillard repeatedly posted videos accusing Scofield of the unsolved tragedy.

  • As time has passed without a significant lead in the investigation, many rumors have risen on social media regarding the case.  The lawsuit accuses Guillard of using this to her benefit by posting videos on her TikTok account (@ashleyisinthebookoflife). She has accused Scofield of having a romantic involvement with one of the victims and participating in the murder.
  • Further, the lawsuit states the adverse effects on the plaintiff’s safety and hurt to the grieving family. Previously, plaintiff Rebecca Scofield sent two cease and desist letters to the sued TikToker but she continues to release false statements about the case, making this lawsuit necessary.
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Who is Ashley Guillard

The sued TikToker is a tarot card reader focusing on unsolved homicide cases. She has uploaded videos of other high-profile cases including the killing of rapper Takeoff. Her profile lists more than 40 statements against Rebecca Scofield in the last 4 weeks.

  • She has also accused Jack DuCoeur, a romantic acquaintance of the victim who has already received a clean chit from the police, along with Scofield. The defamed plaintiff was out of town with her husband when the tragedy occurred. The lawsuit notes, they were visiting Portland and didn’t reach Moscow until after the murders were discovered.
  • Apart from this, Rebecca Scofield has never taught any of the victims or Jack DuCoeur in class nor she has met them personally. The lawsuit categorically rebates all the false claims by TikToker Ashley Guillard and seeks justice for the emotional distress and insecurity the false accusations have caused.

Ashley Guillard’s response.

The defendant shared another video on her TikTok account after receiving the court’s notice. She expressed her excitement about getting this chance to present her ideas to the court. She notified her progress with preparations to reveal Rebecca Scofield’s involvement in the quadruple murder of the university students of Idaho.

  • We shall receive further clarity about the matters after the trial at court until then police are doing their best to find the suspect in the Moscow Idaho murder case.
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Moscow Idaho Murder Case, TikToker Ashley Guillard
Image courtesy of CBS News

Investigation Progress of the Moscow, Idaho murder case

The police received the notice of an unconscious person on November 13. Soon it was revealed as a quadruple murder case of Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. All of them were university students in their 20s. The former 3 were living together and Chapin was visiting them on the night of the ordeal.

  • The police launched an investigation by confirming the whereabouts of the victims. Further, they sealed all the forensic evidence from the crime scene. The victims were stabbed with a sturdy sharp object and showed signs of defense however there was no sign indicating sexual assault.

  • The weapon is yet to be discovered and is believed to be in the possession of the criminal by the forensic profiler. The police are thoroughly investigating all the tips they receive. Canvassing everyone around the victims, and processing all the forensic evidence collected. There has been no arrest while police are eliminating the potential suspects by confirming their alibis.
  • The police shared their determination about the case through a statement encouraging submitting of any tips which can be minorly related to the case- “We want more than just an arrest. We want a conviction. We owe that justice to Xana, Kaylee, Madison, and Ethan,”

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Source: CBS News
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