There is a piece of recent news circulating on the internet about Mr.Beast. It is the famous YouTuber who is getting news about him being dead already. Therefore, this caused the attention of many people especially his fans and loved ones. But this isn’t also the first time where he got this kind of news.

As it was tweeted way back in 2021 about it. Even if the intention was as a joke, it doesn’t look like the right thing to do to spread fake news. So to clarify it to everyone that MrBeast is very much alive and well until now. The 24-year-old YouTube star is also recently active on his social media accounts.

He has just recently posted on his official Twitter account. Which already have 110.2k likes in less than a day. Then he also posted on his Instagram story, both of it are posted on the same day.

Why is MrBeast receiving this kind of fake news drama?

Let’s get to know the possible reasons
  • It is hard to pin down who’s behind this drama. As many people are also spreading this kind of news on the internet without a factual basis. Otherwise, they are only doing it for clout, hate, or fun.
  • There could also be various reasons why fake news bearers are doing this. Aside from doing it for clout, hate or fun, it could also be a form of bringing the YouTuber down. Since MrBeast has very big subscribers and followers on his social media platforms.

No matter how useful the internet is in our daily lives, we cannot deny the fact that it can also be a scary place. There are many kinds of users whether bad or good ones. So we must all be responsible in our posts and always do fact-checking to avoid misinformation.

More about MrBeast
  • MrBeast is known to give back different things to people. He often does giveaways on his YouTube channel as a form of sharing his earnings with others. As his social media bio states “I want to make the world a better place before I die.”
  • He also has a recent YouTube video that is up for almost a week already. It’s about him giving an island to his 100 million subscriber on his YouTube channel. So if you haven’t watched it, check out the video below.

Follow MrBeast on his official social media accounts for more updates about him and his videos.

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SOURCES: MrBeast (Twitter, Instagram)