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Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has amassed one of the internet’s largest audiences in just a few years. He’s also become the highest-paid YouTube star ever, thanks to his videos garnering more than 10 billion views. And he’s even able to persuade 456 people to compete in a precise reimagining of the activities of the Squid Game for $456,000.

MrBeast Burger, a restaurant concept he started a year ago, uses ghost kitchens to grow it swiftly. In the first three months, it sold one million burgers.

Feastable Chocolate Bars

Donaldson is formally debuting his new Feastables brand and consumer-products firm with the MrBeast Bar, a trio of delicious chocolate bars made with only four or five simple, plant-based, gluten-free ingredients.

To begin, Donaldson has created a $1 million sweepstakes with prizes including Teslas, Sea-Doos, Super73 electric bikes, Artesian Builds gaming PCs, Turtle Beach gaming bundles, Beats by Dre earphones, a lifetime of chocolate, cash, MrBeast merch, and more. Then, in the coming months, Donaldson will ask ten lucky Grand Prize winners to compete in a MrBeast video. This is for a chance to win a copy of MrBeast’s Chocolate Factory.

MrBeast also added that if the lucky winner doesn’t want the factory, then he opts to buy it off for half a mil.

Donaldson is serious about developing a consumer-products company as part of his burgeoning empire behind the scenes. Last year, he hired former RXBar president Jim Murray to assist him in this endeavor. RXBar gained a lot of traction because of its clear ingredient list and simplistic design, and Kellogg’s bought it for $600 million in 2017. Donaldson, according to Murray, isn’t just a famous guy placing his name on a product; he’s the real deal.

MrBeast Bars will be available in three flavors: chocolate, almond chocolate, and quinoa crunch chocolate. These will cost $3 to $3.50 each at Walmart, GoPuff, and directly through the Feastables website (coming soon). Donaldson adds that the process of selecting tastes wasn’t precisely scientific.

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