Okay, world stop, we think we have found something that would shake your mind. A few days ago, the meme owner of the Squid Game vs MrBeast Freshy Kanal’s rap battle met the original one. YouTuber Skitzy AKA the Fake MrBeast finally interacted with the OG MrBeast, but wait does this mean a possible collab soon? Well, here are the details on how the fans knew that they talked and what went down. Before anything else, do you know about Fake MrBeast’s meme?

MrBeast and Fake MrBeast

MrBeast, the Jimmy Donaldson one, may have taken the initiative to meet the Fake MrBeast, the Skitzy one, gratefully took it. Skitzy traveled to meet Jimmy, as he posted a selfie just a few hours ago to reminisce about the moment of waiting to be picked up by MrBeast in the airport.

  • Anyway, let’s take it back to a few days ago when MrBeast dropped a TikTok video that took the Internet by storm. The caption states “I just met the real MrBeast 😳 w/ @Skitzy”, whoa? Now tell us, who’s who again?

I just met the real MrBeast 😳 w/ @Skitzy

♬ sonido original – Platano_perturbado_fuifui

  • Skitzy did the great and famous meme of Fake MrBeast on the TikTok video. As of this writing, it earned 4.8 million likes on the video platform, it’s that big.
  • We may have screamed “FINALLY!” when we saw the photo of the YouTubers posing with the famous meme. In a Tweet posted by Skitzy on his Twitter, in all caps, he says “I MET MR BEAST”. The Tweet already gathered around 12.5 million views, crazy huge!
MrBeast and Fake MrBeast, possible collab
Image Courtesy of Skitzy via Twitter
  • MrBeast didn’t lie with his reply under the photo though, the world might’ve imploded, exploded even. Also, one of Jimmy’s friends, Karl Jacobs dropped a reply on the photo.

An upcoming collaboration?

With all these social media posts and interactions, does this mean that they might have collaborated already? Well, there’s no announcement for a new drop on both of their YouTube, but we can wait.

  • With the reply Jimmy left on their photo, hmm, it might as well mean that something is on its way. And the online world would surely explode too if that happens!
MrBeast and Fake MrBeast, twitter
Image Courtesy of MrBeast via Skitzy’s Twitter
  • Furthermore, pretty sure that they didn’t just meet, but we can’t be certain though. We do hope we can see them in a video together. Hopes up! *cross-fingers*

Fans’ reactions

Amazingly, we can see their resemblance. They do look like each other though, and fans noticed that too. Skitzy retweeted a lot of fans’ Tweets with different memes about their photo.

  • There’s a Tweet about their “honest reaction” when they saw the photo. It had us laughing and agreeing too!

  • Well, a content idea from @Plagueonic looks doable, and Skitzy retweeted that too. What if Fake MrBeast stars in one of MrBeast’s videos? That would be mindblowing!

  • Even the person, apparently the Fake Karl Jacobs, who told the Fake MrBeast that there aren’t any LEGOs in the Epic Rap Battle also dropped a Tweet. Who would’ve thought that this video would blow up like it is doing right now?

Thanks to Fake MrBeast’s meme that is still trending, we have this interaction. We do hope we can see content coming soon. It would be great to have the two in a collab together to release, probably, a video of a lifetime. We can’t wait!

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