What happens when the most popular game and the most popular Youtuber collaborate? Oh boy, it is sure gonna be epic! MrBeast hinted to host a League of Legends Tournament on his Twitter account. Here is what we know so far.

MrBeast: League of Legends Tournament

MrBeast on his Twitter account teased fans on the 11th of June 2022 about hosting a League of Legends. In his tweet, MrBeast said I may or may not be hosting a League of Legends tournament soon” followed by a comment “Also @Ninja Sucks”. So, MrBeast is hosting a League of Legends Tournament with potential collaboration with Riot and Ninja will also play an important role in it, as it seems.

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Many content creators, streamers, excited fans, and even LoL Esports took notice of MrBeasts’ post. Some of which are Lilypichu and Offline TV, Ovilee (Riot League of Legends Caster/Content Creator), Doublelift (retired pro player), Karl and Sapnap (Youtuber and among MrBeast’s crew), and Ludwig (Fiddlesticks Master).

Offline TV Twitter account posted, “you definitely want to see @scarra‘s legendary gameplay”. 

LilyPichu, content creator, streamer, and Offline TV member, expressed “!??” excitement and confusion in her tweet. The same goes for Ovilee with her remarks “Ohhh” + “I’m watching GIF”.

Isaac CB, a professional caster, already offered himself as a caster “YOOO! If you are in need of casters, hmu!”.

LoL Esports seems to be interested as well with its “👀” Tweet. This might also mean a possible collaboration for the event.

Doublelift ex-pro player immediately expressed interest asking “where do I sign-up”. This is equally true for the content creator and streamer Nicki Taylor who said “Hello Mr. Beast. I am Ready.”

Karl, content creator and one of MrBeast’s buddies, also expresses his interest saying “I may or may not be dominating that when it happens” which sapnap, just like carl (hehe), competitively and doubtingly replied “ok pal”.

Ludwig boasted about his favorite character saying “U should know about my fiddlesticks.”

When it will take place and what are the prices and rewards? That is a standing question for us as well. But, MrBeast is known for huge rewards so it is definitely gonna be big not to mention the interests of various content creators and LoL Esports.

Will it be creative and crazy? Definitely. It will not be a MrBeast event if not.

MrBeast: League of Legends Team

In the last quarter of 2020, MrBeast expressed his interest in making a League of Legends Team under Beast Gaming. Although not having a confirmed team yet, MrBeast targets Worlds as their main priority right off the bat.

Teams such as Fanatic liked the idea and offered MrBeast part ownership to the team. However, the content creator dreams of creating his own team and rejected the offer.

The said team is set to make their run for Worlds in 2023. Is the team going to show in MrBeast’s hosted League of Legends tournament? Or this is just the prelude?

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It is expected to be packed with streamers and content creators and hell of a lot of fun. Make sure to stay tuned! If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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