MrBeast vs Squid Game Rap Battle Video – Explained

Inarguably, YouTuber MrBeast is one of the biggest personality on the video streaming platform right now. Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson just reached 100 million subscribers in 2022. Not just that, but he also started his Feastables cookie business last year. He’s also a philanthropist, but way back in 2021, did you know he rapped too? Not exactly him, but if you don’t know this, then we’ll explain the MrBeast vs Squid Game Rap Battle a few years ago on Freshy Kanal’s YouTube!

MrBeast vs Squid Game Rap

During the release of one of the most popular series in 2021, Squid Game, a parody rap battle isn’t what you expected to happen. Freshy Kanal on YouTube produced these parodied rap battles or face-offs, and they may just have hit the jackpot.

  • This Freshy Kanal video was the 20th episode of Part 4 (or the 2021 season). MrBeast vs Squid Game rap battle happens to be the most viewed live-action on the YouTube channel.

The rap battle

At the start of the video, the brand Keeps which offers hair loss treatment for men, sponsored the video. This must be the first Freshy Kanal Rap Battle that has been sponsored, by the way. The company and product have been explained more at the end of the clip by Freshy Kanal’s producer.

  • Before anything else, if you’re familiar with the meme of MrBeast like the photo below, it came from here. The two ‘rappers’ were introduced: MrBeast and Squid Game protagonist Seong Gi-Hun (both are parodies, of course).
MrBeast Rap Battle meme
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme
  • As the rap lyrics start, this rap battle against MrBeast happens to be the final test of the Squid Game participant. The first rap of the YouTuber tackled the life of Gi-Hun — his sickly mother, his child he can’t custody of, not going to Seoul National University like his brother Sang-Woo, and such.
Freshy Kanal YouTube, MrBeast 2021
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Freshy Kanal via YouTube
  • It also looked into what happened in the games. How everyone died, leaving Gi-Hun to survive and have all the money in the game. The bloodshed and betrayal, while MrBeast flexes his money, his channel, and of course, being the Number 1 Jimmy.

The rebuttal

Since this should be Gi-Hun’s final test, we’ll probably hear a lot of, hmm, offensive truths or lies just to keep MrBeast on the edge.

  • But instead of a kiddie game, we’ll be playing this manchild? (Hmm?), that second line may have just kicked the other side’s ego. The Squid Game games have also been referenced in this part.
MrBeast vs Squid Game rap battle, seong gi-hun
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Freshy Kanal via YouTube
  • He talked about how MrBeast made his fortune out of his subscribers, and now is the time to give them the cookies.
  • A line that may or may not be true about paying dollars to “rent people to pretend to be friends with me”. Talk about loyalty, well, that line has none.

The Front-Man

The battle goes on with the two sides testing each other’s patience and wit to the limit. However, shall we welcome a new personality in the battle? The Front-Man from the Squid Game has their entry as well.

  • Who do you expect him to side with? He then started to diss MrBeast. Well, this attacked more about his YouTuber life, the videos, ads, and such.
Freshy Kanal YouTube, Squid Game frontman
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Freshy Kanal via YouTube
  • “Can’t handle the truth: if you run out of money, you run out of your personality too. Out of 100% of your viewers, nobody watches your channel for you!” The last lines that *literally* screams micdrop.

Well, that’s just about the MrBeast vs Squid Game Rap Battle by Freshy Kanal! Who do you think wins this battle?

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