MrBeast x Corpse Husband collab, Feastables for Halloween?

MrBeast x Corpse Husband collab Feastables for Halloween - Cover Picture

Two of YouTube’s biggest stars right now are teaming up for a collab this Halloween. Jimmy Donaldson, best known as MrBeast on YouTube, is having a sweet collab in time for Halloween through MrBeast’s chocolate company, Feastables. It’s only a matter of time before this collab happened. Both MrBeast and Corpse Husband are popular on YouTube, with the former known for his outrageous giveaways. As for Corpse Husband, he is best known for being a faceless streamer and his songs on Spotify have amassed millions of streams as of writing.

According to MrBeast, Corpse Husband “crushed it” with their collab. For Halloween, the two influencers are launching a limited-edition Cookies & Creme Corpse Bar. Although you can get Feastables chocolate bars in stores like Walmart, this collab is only exclusive to online orders of the Corpse Bar. Keep on reading to find out more about the latest collab between MrBeast and Corpse Husband.

MrBeast x Corpse Husband release a Feastables chocolate bar for Halloween

MrBeast took to Twitter to announce the collab, promising that the taste of the chocolate bar is “genuinely insane” — in a good way, of course. Judging from the wrapper alone, the Corpse Bar is going to be made from white chocolate. There will be cookie chunks mixed inside the white chocolate to complete the cookies & creme experience.

There will also be a twist on the chocolate bar. According to the official Feastables website, it will be a “bloody red white chocolate.” If you’re interested in getting yourself a bar or two, the Corpse Bar is only available to order through the store’s website.

Here is what you can expect from the limited-edition Feastables chocolate bar from MrBeast and Corpse Husband:

  • Cane Sugar
  • Chocolate-flavored Cookies
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice
  • Milk
  • Organic Vanilla Powder
  • Salt

Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before placing your order!

Stand a chance to win a Corpse Hoodie by ordering boxes of the Feastables chocolate bar

MrBeast is known for hosting giveaways with a huge amount of cash on the line. This time, however, MrBeast is hosting a giveaway exclusively for fans of Corpse Husband. By purchasing a box of these limited-edition Feastables chocolate bars, you gain one entry in a merch giveaway.

  • If you buy boxes of this chocolate bar from October 10 until Halloween, you are eligible for the merch giveaway
  • A total of 25 lucky fans will win a “Corpse hoodie” once the giveaway period is over
  • The more boxes you purchase, the more chances you have of winning the Corpse hoodie from Feastables!
MrBeast x Corpse Husband collab Feastables for Halloween - Chocolate Bar
Image Courtesy of Feastables
  • One box contains ten of these chocolate bars, costing you $29.99 USD. You can also get two to three boxes for a discounted price. Purchasing three boxes will also give you a free Feastables t-shirt on top of a $15 USD discount
  • You also receive 20 instant lives for Feastables’ Rock Paper Scissors game where you can win a Feastables Everything Bundle

MrBeast is slowly but surely venturing into the food & beverage scene

Feastables is not the first time MrBeast has dipped his toes in the food & beverage scene. At the moment, he also has MrBeast Burger, a successful burger joint that began in 2020. When it first launched, it was an online-only service but given its massive success, MrBeast is looking to open more physical locations for the burger joint.

This collab with Corpse Husband is also not the first time he’s teamed up with a famous YouTube personality. Previously, MrBeast and Dream got together to release the Dream Burger.

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Will you be getting a box or two of MrBeast and Corpse Husband’s Feastables collab? Let us know in the comments below! For other questions you may have about MrBeast and other YouTube personalities, feel free to share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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