You may have googled How to win million dollars Fortnite and the answers may have been not good enough. Something like a Money Heist or Ocean’s Eleven level heist? Nah too much work. Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast who recently surpassed Pewdepie as the highest subscribed individual on Youtube has teamed up with Epic Games to give players a chance to win the million dollars in Fortnite. In all its fancy, it’s named MrBeast’s Fortnite Extreme Survival Challenge

Based in North Carolina, MrBeast has been on a roll ever since 2017. With many of his videos going viral, he quickly rose to fame. Having done multiple giveaways including prize-money games before, Mr. Beasts’ new agenda is perhaps unprecedented in the history of MOBA games.

Other than having recreated a real-life Squid Game, hosting a 100-day live in a circle and winning a $500,000 game, and opening multiple ghost kitchens named MrBeast Burger, the renowned youtube dares to put a $1 Million on the line this time.

The custom island that will be made available for practice pre-event

MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge
MrBeast behind his custom challenge island, Image Courtesy of

Prior to Fortnite’s MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge, there is going to be MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Quest. The quest is different in the sense that it begins on the same custom map but on December 13th.

  • In a partnership with Epic Games, MrBeast has challenged players to a custom island that will go live today December 13th at 9 AM ET.
  • There will be 2 quests that can be found on Challenge island. Players must earn a high score, the completion of which will win them MrBeast Gaming Spray. The second quest will earn players a MrBeast Survival Games Loading screen.
    • Although this will only be a practice map that will allow players to get the gist of the mapping arena.

The Fortnite Extreme Survival Challenge inspired Item Shop

MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge
Image Courtesy of

Fortnite’s official item shop will have new MrBeast in-game skins. There will be two unique styles, both of which can be bought. It will also feature event-inspired accessories and emotes which will be available starting December 14, 7 PM Pacific. 

When does Mr. Beast Extreme Survival Challenge take place?

  1. The event will take place on December 17th from 12 pm to 3 pm ET. The custom code for the island is 7990-6907-8565.
  2. Another way to find the custom island map is by checking the discover section in the “Fortnite Competitive” category

Requirements for the event

MrBeast Fortnite
MrBeast’s skin in Fortnite, Image courtesy of Youtube channel Doova
  1. The requirement for the event is that the users must have
    • at least a level 15 Fortnite gaming account,
    • a verified epic games user account
    • and must be 2-Factor authenticated.
  2. Players belonging to Turkey and Russia countries are not eligible for the Extreme Survival Event.

How scores are counted/ prizes in MrBeast’s Fortnite Million dollar Extreme Survival Challenge

How to Win Million Dollar in Fortnite
The Golden Umbrella that is a winnable in the event, Image Courtesy of

One may attempt the event as many times as one wishes. Their best five scores of the MrBeast million dollar challenge will be counted at the end of the event. Whoever has the highest top 5 scores will be walking away with $1 million in their accounts. The rest of the runners-up will win in-game items, including a special in-game umbrella, an emote, and a skin.


Do you think you can fare well in this challenge? I mean, it’s an apparent easy answer to how to win How to win the million dollars in fortnite That will probably translate to a billion depending on which country you are from. Especially even more so if you’re from a developing country. We wish you all the best.

Oh, what about us here at Spieltimes? well, we ain’t that confident about it. But we might just try. If we win, we might give up our writing jobs and stuff. (Jk).

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