MrBeast’s most expensive giveaways ever – Ranked

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Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators right now. While he may have started his YouTube career by posting random videos, MrBeast soon gained a following and from there, he decided to take things to the next level. As of writing, MrBeast has hosted countless giveaways mostly for his subscribers, and we’re not kidding when we say these giveaways are life-changing. We’ve compiled a list of MrBeast’s most expensive giveaways to date.

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Giveaways aren’t really something new for content creators like MrBeast. But his giveaways always rake in millions of views for all the right reasons. Off the top of our head, we think the reason why MrBeast’s giveaways have always been a big deal is that anyone who is anyone can literally win big. MrBeast has always expressed fairness in the giveaways he’s hosted so far. Most of the participants are usually his subscribers and they all compete under the same circumstances.

The most expensive giveaways from MrBeast

In this list, we’ve compiled the priciest giveaways hosted by MrBeast so far. Just a heads up that most of the giveaways we’re listing here are from the contests hosted by the content creator himself. On some days, though, MrBeast gives away non-cash items like the Lamborghini Aventador. Check out some of MrBeast’s iconic giveaways, ranked from the least to most expensive.

10. Get $200,000 if you hit the target

Although the original video is titled “Hit The Target, Win $300,000,” the winner of this challenge ended up walking away with $200,000. MrBeast let his creative side take over for this video as he had participants try and hit targets in various ways. Successfully hitting the targets will reward you with cash prizes determined by MrBeast himself.

In the last challenge, there were five participants who had a chance of winning $200,000. The only thing they had to do was successfully shoot a basketball from the half-court line. The final player in the challenge managed to do just that and won the $200,000 cash prize.

9. MrBeast gives away a $393,695 Lamborghini Aventador

This video was posted two years ago but it still remains one of MrBeast’s biggest giveaways. Although he didn’t give away a cash prize like he normally does, the lucky winner took home a supercar. To be specific, whoever won MrBeast’s challenge for this video took home a $393,695 Lamborghini Aventador.

Even though MrBeast is known for his generosity, he definitely loves putting a twist on his giveaways. For this one, he had participants go through a few challenges. Whoever successfully completes every challenge will be the proud owner of a Lamborghini Aventador. Among the contestants, it was Chris who proved to be the best and after scoring a field goal, he ended up winning the supercar.

8. Real-life Squid Game with MrBeast for $456,000

This definitely put MrBeast on the radar when he hosted this contest. Following the popularity and success of Squid Game, a Korean show on Netflix, MrBeast decided to recreate the entire set of the show. Of course, the whole Squid Game experience wouldn’t be complete without the participants.

Staying true to the inspiration for this contest, MrBeast rounded up 456 people willing to take part in this contest. Whoever managed to survive all the rounds and challenges was lucky enough to take home $456,000 USD.

This remains one of MrBeast’s most expensive giveaways to date, especially if you consider how much he spent to make it happen. It’s said that MrBeast spent almost half a billion dollars for this contest.

7. Spend 100 days in a circle and win $500,000

This is one of MrBeast’s most recent giveaways on YouTube. The content creator already hosted a giveaway in the past with the same theme, but that involved more participants. In this giveaway, one lucky subscriber had the chance to win $500,000. All he had to do was stay in the circle for 100 days. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, MrBeast is known for having a few tricks up his sleeve.

He provides the contestant with a house full of everything he will need to survive. Clothes, food, and shelter… everything was there for the contestant. The only catch is he needs to endure all the shenanigans MrBeast and his team got up to over the span of more than three months.

Luckily, the contestant managed to stay in the circle for 100 days and ended up winning the $500,000 cash prize.

6. The $800,000 island

This video has over 154 million views on YouTube as of writing and it’s one of the videos that really helped put MrBeast’s name out there. The content creator bought a private island only to give it away to whoever won his contest. Although he doesn’t really disclose it, the island is rumored to have cost MrBeast over $800,000.

What the contestants had to do is survive MrBeast’s challenges. If you fail his challenges, you’re automatically eliminated and kicked from the island. Whoever ends up being the last one on the island will get to keep it.

5. 1 minute to spend $1,000,000

The thing with MrBeast is that you really can’t keep up with this man! You never know what sort of thing he has planned for his viewers and that’s exactly what happened in this video. He goes up to approach strangers and tells them that he has $1,000,000 to give away. The only catch is that they only get one minute to spend the money.

Of course, it’s physically impossible to spend $1,000,000 in one run. Even if they didn’t reach the $1,000,000 goal, the participants got to keep whatever it was they were able to buy in that one-minute timeframe.

4. Keep your hand on the prize and $1,000,000 is yours

We’re sure you’ve heard of the familiar saying, “Keep your eye on the prize” but MrBeast has something else in mind this time. Another one of MrBeast’s million-dollar giveaways has participants do one thing: keep their hand on the prize. The contestants in this video are the winners from the series hosted by MrBeast around this time.

Sure, the entire thing sounds pretty easy to do. But complications arose from some participants like knee problems. Some were out of the game because of minor mistakes that had them briefly take their hand off of the pile of cash.

3. MrBeast plays hide and seek for $1,000,000

Unlike most of his giveaways, the cash prize here is actually divided among the participants. For this video, MrBeast rented out an entire mall and played hide and seek with his viewers for 10 hours. The participants are given $10,000 at the start of the game and once they’re found, MrBeast takes the money back.

In the end, only 23 participants out of 100 were able to walk away with a briefcase full of $10,000. MrBeast also gave away some cash to the members of the SWAT team who helped him find some of the contestants. As for the other YouTubers who took part in the video, MrBeast bought their mothers their very own boats. Talk about expensive!

2. Giving away $1,300,000 worth of Feastables

Aside from being one of YouTube’s biggest content creators right now, MrBeast is also a businessman. He owns a burger joint that’s becoming quite the hit in the United States while also owning a chocolate company called Feastables. A few months ago, MrBeast decided to give away free chocolate for 10 minutes — and when we say free, MrBeast even waived the shipping fee on all orders.

According to MrBeast, the reason for this giveaway is to let more people get a chance to taste the chocolate his company is making. Following the flash sale, the YouTuber posted an update on how much it cost him and his company. Feastables gave away over $1,300,000 worth of chocolate for free but of course, MrBeast doesn’t have any hard feelings about this.

1. The $2,000,000 private island from MrBeast

And finally, the most expensive giveaway MrBeast has done to date is giving away a private island that’s worth $2,000,000 USD. To celebrate hitting 100,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast reached out to 100 of his subscribers and brought them together. The lucky subscribers would then go on to participate in various challenges for a chance to win the island itself.

After the first challenge, the number of contestants was immediately halved. The challenges were quite brutal and for the final one, the remaining participants had to look for the play button YouTube awarded to MrBeast for hitting 100,000,000 subscribers.

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What do you think about MrBeast’s extravagant giveaways? Here’s to wishing you all the luck in the world to be a part of his giveaways in the future! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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