Are you still playing the game MultiVersus? It’s been a long while since the game’s release and pretty sure MultiVersus continues updating. So if you continue playing it, you may want to know the latest player count. However, if you’re new to it, MultiVersus is a brawler fighting game developed and published by Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, respectively. The game begins with an Open Beta and still running, with no end date announced yet. So if you want to know MultiVersus‘ active player count for November 2022 and a few updates, you may proceed by reading below.

MultiVersus Player Count in November

Well, you might be surprised to know what happened to the active player count this month. Since MultiVersus’ opening day, the game had been soaring high in the gaming market. Given that the video game is free-to-play, players do come and try the game for the experience and thrill.

  • Unfortunately, in its fourth month (November 2022), the hype probably didn’t last long. According to Player Counter‘s live count, as of this writing, only 4,739 players are active.
  • Moving to another source, we also checked Steam Charts to make sure of what we were seeing. The average player count over the last 30 days tallied at 2,039 and peaked at 4,709.
MultiVersus active player count november, all-time
Image Courtesy of Steam Charts
  • Additionally, when it started and peaked in July 2022, more or less 66,000 players went for the game. In the next month, they lose around 25,000, but in September, it was down to 8,000. Well, we hope the devs and publishers can make the people come back to the game though, MultiVersus has a lot of potentials!

More updates about the game

We may have discussed the active player count of MultiVersus for November 2022, so we might as well dive into the updates too. Just in case you haven’t opened their website since its release, MultiVersus is now in its second season! Anyway, peek at the characters with their respective skins. Not all are available in the shop as of the moment, but maybe soon!

MultiVersus, season 2
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • A new season means new characters, right? To kick off the season, just this week, Marvin the Martian came to invade the Earth, oh, we mean the game. No new updates on who to add to the roster yet, but peek at Marvin fighting off Bugs!

  • Currently, the roster of MultiVersus is been almost the same since its release. So we may look forward to more characters soon, hopefully!
MultiVersus, season 2 roster
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • Also, if you want some skins and cosmetics, you may want to check out the in-game shop. According to MultiVersus, 15% to 30% discounts are given from this week until the next. So if you want to take home this Pajama Finn this holiday season, check it out then!

  • If you want to catch up with the game, you may still download it on the websites of your chosen platform or just simply head to the MultiVersus site. MultiVersus is available for play on multiple platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Both Steam and Epic Games offer the game for PC play, BTW.

Thoughts on MultiVersus’ active player count for November 2022?

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