Hey, players! Up for some MultiVersus news? In case you missed it, there has been news going around about a new MultiVersus character arriving in the game. This news started because of a piece of huge news found by a video games reporter, Andrew Marmo on Twitter. Well, to cut it short, if you know Bugs Bunny, probably you’ve heard of Big Chungus too. And, yes, the said addition to the top-tier roster of MultiVersus is none other than the famous meme, Big Chungus! In case you’re wondering how the news went on, read more here.

MultiVersus Big Chungus

As we have mentioned earlier, Andrew Marmo (@the_marmolade) drops an interesting Tweet about Warner Bros. trademarking Big Chungus. What makes it more interesting is they trademark the character for a video game. Peek at the Tweet below!

  • Warner Bros. filed the trademark on August 26th, 2022 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). There is no specific game as to where Big Chungus will appear. Although, it is trademarked on different mediums like computer software, merchandise, entertainment services, and audiovisual media, among others.
  • This leads fans to speculate that MultiVersus Big Chungus is coming to the game. Another Looney Tunes addition to the game isn’t bad, right? Maybe a Bugs and Chungus showdown would be something to look forward to!
MultiVersus Big Chungus
Image Courtesy of EUIPO
  • However, Warner Bros. has yet to speak regarding this circulating news. There are also rumors that the famous meme character could be a skin for Bugs Bunny. The trademark does not confirm nor deny anything about MultiVersus Big Chungus, but we hope it’s true. And if you are curious about who is this character, stick with us!

Who is Big Chungus

If this character would debut into the world of MultiVersus, you may want to know where it came from. The resemblance with Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny is too close, well you are not wrong about that!

  • According to Know Your Meme, the image of Bugs Bunny first appeared in Merrie Melodies cartoon back in 1941. In 2017, a 4chan user anonymously posted an obese Bugs Bunny image.
Big Chungus
Image Courtesy of EUIPO
  • If curious about the word “chungus”, it allegedly originated from a freelance video game journalist, Jim Sterling. Well, they say that there is no exact meaning of what is chungus, but it is what it is, players. But according to Urban Dictionary, “An overweight giant earth destroying, god killing rabbit.” Check out the dictionary for other meanings! Then, the rest is history for Big Chungus!
  • You can catch Big Chungus on a different game as of this writing. Check out Looney Tunes World of Mayhem to see the character in the game!

What’s next in MultiVersus

As we wait for the confirmation or any announcement by Warner Bros. or MultiVersus, there are a few characters set to arrive in the game. So let’s look forward to the coming of three more characters into the world of these Brawlers!

  • Also, DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe are set to arrive in the game. All these three characters are to come in the first season of MultiVersus. Black Adam and Stripe have no preview yet, while Rick is expected to be a Mage/Ranged fighter.
MultiVersus roster
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • Recently, fans welcomed Morty as he arrived in the game on August 23rd. Upon his arrival, fans do expect the coming of the second half of this duo, Rick possibly in September. There is no official announcement yet on this, but we have to stay tuned!
  • You may check out the platforms such as PlayStation StoreXboxSteam, and Epic Games Store to purchase MultiVersus!
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