MultiVersus: Black Adam available, Is he strong?

DC’s Black Adam has gotten multiple teases as an addition to MultiVersus for some time now. With Patch 1.05, he joins the game in time, with the titular movie continuing to perform at the box office. Black Adam is a bruiser, meaning his character excels at close combat fights. The question is whether or not he can fight against the best of them, considering the MultiVersus current roster.

Who is Black Adam?

Black Adam is more of a villain/anti-hero in DC and an antithesis to the hero Shazam (Captain Marvel). He has similar abilities and magic to Shazam. However, instead of going the typical heroic route, he became more of a hardened ruler. In the comics, Black Adam usually acts in his interest, the interest of his kingdom, or his allies.

The Verdict

Based on players who have been spamming Black Adam since his release, he is one of the most challenging characters to play in the game. That isn’t to say the character itself isn’t powerful. He rewards you once you can use his skills in line with good map awareness and positioning. As such, it feels like he will be more rewarding the more you play him, and players will have a hard time battling someone good with the character.

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He plays more as a counter striker rather than your typical bruisers. Other bruisers will have you rush quickly in the face of an enemy. He’s not that fast, meaning your ability to read other opponents will be crucial. Once he lands a strike, his combos will usually mean a swing in your favor.

He isn’t recommended for newbies because he can feel awkward. However, he is one of the more rewarding characters to play once you understand his combos.

Tips on Playing Black Adam

Once you have a feel for Black Adam’s kit and moves, here are some of the things you can do to maximize his strengths:

  • His forward ground special move is a dash that can quickly close the gap. You can start combos by dashing through the enemy and then using it as a setup to your combo from behind them. You’ll have to turn around fast and use your combo starter.
  • Many of his moves are projectiles, which makes the perk Make It Rain, Dog a good choice for him. A 10-20% increased projectile speed means you’ll land your attacks more accurately.
  • Triple Jump is also beneficial for completing combos, especially on Bruisers like Black Adam. It’s a common perk to take for most of the roster, so he is no exception.
  • Many Black Adam moves have cooldowns that can set you back. One thing to help you reset faster is by implementing the Coffeezilla! Perk. With that, you have a 10 to 15% cooldown reduction which can help you combo off more consistently.

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