Hey, players! Have you been waiting for a while for new characters in MultiVersus? Your waiting game officially ends on September 8th! Get your excitement up and going as a new Brawler comes, Gizmo! Are you ready to know what moves can this Gremlins movie character can do? And if you are curious, you may want to stay with us here. And if you can’t wait for a little longer, let’s now get to know Gizmo’s gameplay, release date, and more information about this newest addition to the roster, continue reading with us below!

MultiVersus Gizmo gameplay

Well, we may expect that Stripe would’ve been rolled out first, but here we are welcoming Gizmo! This cute character gets to see those players on September 8th, Thursday! So be sure to take note of the possible moveset that we have found here!

  • There is no official gameplay yet (since it is released on the day of the character’s arrival too, or maybe earlier this time? Let’s wait for PFG!), but we may have seen a few MultiVersus Gizmo moveset around.
  • In case you missed it, Gizmo was firstly announced to arrive on September 6th, Tuesday, in a Tweet from MultiVersus on the 2nd. However, it had been delayed to the 8th. Anyhow, peek at the MultiVersus‘ Gremlins teaser as we can expect Stripe to arrive after Gizmo! 

  • Moving on to the Gizmo moveset, @AisulMV, a famous MultiVersus data miner and leaker, shared on August 19th that Gizmo uses a few things with its moveset. Expect a car, popcorn, and a bow and arrow as part of his moveset in the game. Also, here are some of the SFX of the moves that the leaker has found!

More about Gizmo

  • If you’re curious, the data miner figured that Gizmo would cost around 2000 gold, and a purchasable skin would cost 500 Gleamium. Additionally, they shared the Mastery rewards and even signature perks of MultiVersus Gizmo in the game.
  • The rewards are as follows: Back to Back general perk (the blue one!), Projectile Speed general perk (right next to the Back to Back perk), Aerial Acrobat, Triple Jump general perk, Deadshot general perk (the last one on the lower right!), Toast, Gold, Perk Sharing, and Perk Training enabled.
  • On the other hand, the signature perks of “Bounce” and “Backpack” have no image available yet, according to @AisulMV. You may want to peek at the icons below!
MultiVersus Gizmo Mastery Rewards and Perks
Image Courtesy of @AisulMV via Twitter
  • Oh, by the way, look at MultiVersus Gizmo’s first in-game look! We mean, how could you even attack this adorable ball of fluff?! Well, we may not know how dangerous his moveset is, but if looks could kill, pretty sure Gizmo isn’t that!

On MultiVersus

Well, aside from the nearing arrival of Gizmo, you may want to wait longer for Stripe’s coming! Player First has not confirmed any dates yet, they may surprise players any day, so we hope you’re ready!

  • Also, just in: MultiVersus just posted a huge patch note today. We hope you can check it out because it involves many characters in the roster!

That’s it, players! See you on the 8th!

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