MultiVersus Gizmo moveset, gameplay
Hey, players! Up for MultiVersus news? Well, the long wait ends today earlier today. A new character arrives in MultiVersus, we introduce you to Gizmo! He’s cute, he’s fun to play with, and we hope you enjoy using MutiVersus Gizmo! The Gremlins character steps foot in the game today, and MultiVersus gladly shared the character’s gameplay alongside its arrival. If you want to know more about the latest Brawler, you may want to read here to know the MultiVersus Gizmo moveset. Let’s start!

MultiVersus Gizmo moveset

You may want to know Gizmo’s class first. This newest character belongs to a Support class, according to the MultiVersus roster page. We think we can also consider him in the Ranged class because of the few distance attacks. Anyway, let’s get moving into Gizmo’s moveset!
MultiVersus Gizmo Support Class
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube

Up standard

  • The magical popcorn of Gizmo comes to play with this one. With a combination of his arrow and popcorn, he throws the popcorn toward his enemy and hit it with his arrow to make it explode. Crazy?

Down standard

  • Do you want to hear Gizmo’s musical ability? He’ll gladly do it, so he performs this attack, a music buff applies to his enemies. If this reaches the maximum, enemies would be ‘silenced’ which simply means that their cooldown abilities can’t be used.

Neutral standard

  • If you want to use his arrow, you can perform this move. This neutral standard attack lets him fire his bow at its enemies. Mind you, this is a very fast projectile that makes Gizmo one of the best distance Brawlers in MultiVersus!

Side ground special: Beep Beep

  • Significantly, Gizmo’s toy car in Gremlins 2 made its debut in his attacks. Gizmo jumps into his car and drives around the platform. Well, he can use it to bump his opponents and can jump out of the car anytime. While his partner can use the car if Gizmo is busy fighting (as long as the car’s there, the team can use it!)
Gizmo-A-Go-Go special moveset
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube

Side air special: Umbrella Bash

  • MultiVersus Gizmo brings another item in his attacks, for this move — his umbrella. Open Gizmo’s umbrella attack, he dashes and damages your enemy, and even uses it to block projectiles. He can continue holding the umbrella upwards after the dash and see him glide across the screen!

Neutral, ground, or air special: Song of Mogwai 

  • We don’t think it’s Gizmo without singing. This attack lets MultiVersus Gizmo sing his heart out and you can see musical notes floating when used. When the notes hit the enemies, it damages them.
MultiVersus Gizmo special moveset
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube

Up, ground, or air standard neutral: Gizmo-A-Go-Go

  • If you can imagine Gizmo jumping onto his partner’s back, you’re right, he can do it with this attack. As long as the enemy is near and in front of Gizmo, give this a shot and see Gizmo as a Support class. This attack removes any buffs and sorts, and he can still attack with his bow, by the way!
  • If Gizmo’s partner takes damage, he can take some that act like a shield when he’s on his partner’s back.

Down ground: Corrugated Camouflage

  • Remember MultiVersus Gizmo inside the chest in the teaser? You can see that here as it is his main defense attack. Mostly, that’s all about this attack. Move Gizmo into the chest, then all projectile attacks directed at Gizmo do not take effect. However, if normal, like melee attacks are thrown, these would take damage.

Down air special: Falling Furball

  • If you come from the air, Gizmo would gladly do this attack as he goes down. A falling Gizmo then a butt attack to its opponent, pretty much the summary of this attack. Also, from the butt attack, he bounces slightly.

More about Gizmo and the gameplay

You may have seen a few of his moves in the official gameplay release. And we’re pretty sure you’ll say the same: he is definitely cute! Even his attacks are cute when he performs them, but we do know that it’s a handful of damage. We hope you can try MultiVersus Gizmo out! For now, we’ll provide some information about the latest character!

Gizmo gameplay
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • The character is described on the MultiVersus website as: “When Gizmo heard that his malevolent off-spring Stripe had been pulled into the battle for the Multiverse, he followed immediately to stop him. Gizmo has always been a hero: Whether it was helping save Kingston Falls, averting the disaster at the Clamp Center, or any of the other adventures from his (surprisingly long) life, he has always been an unlikely protector of the innocent. With his box of tricks and mystical singing, he’s sure to throw a wrench in the works.”
  • Peek at the taunts of MultiVersus Gizmo that data miner, @AisulMV on Twitter found! Look at how cute this furry creature looks.

That’s all for now, players! Enjoy!

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