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In this guide, we will teach you how to test out all characters for free in MultiVersus before investing and buying them for 2000 coins. This is ideal for those fans who want to practice and pick their main toon early on to master.

The collection of characters in MultiVersus is already quite extensive and will continue to expand as more Warner Bros. franchises are added. We have you covered if you’re unsure of whether characters are right for you or how to even test them out. The warriors of MultiVersus can be tested using one of two approaches.

MultiVersus: How to Try & Test All Characters

Okay, before we continue this tutorial, we previously posted our MultiVersus: Tier List which already includes LeBron. You may want to check that out if you’re still having trouble choosing who to Main early on in the game.

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  • Given the outstanding collection of combatants available, a MultiVersus tier list was required. At least in comparison to other competitive multiplayer games, ranking these fighters goes beyond assessing their individual abilities.
  • Multiversus emphasizes team-based combat by assigning each fighter a position, such as Bruiser or Tank. In order to create the final Multiversus tier list, we took into account each fighter’s ability to cooperate with their partner as well as their own skill level. Each character was also rated by Spiel Times according to how challenging they were to master.
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In the following weeks, new characters will be available, so we’ll keep updating the list. According to upcoming patches and tweaks the developers may make, some characters may be promoted or demoted on the list. Let’s enjoy this game in the meanwhile because it is unquestionably one of the best fighting games of 2022.

Going back to this tutorial, as we said earlier, there are two ways to try out heroes/characters in MultiVersus. And you may choose whichever suits your needs:

Free Rotation Heroes – 2 Weeks Reset

IMPORTANT NOTES: The game’s free rotation is the main means of trying out characters. Everyone will have access to a set of characters, with a new batch being available every two weeks. The current free toons include the unique character Reindog, Finn from Adventure Time, Garnet from Steven Universe, and Superman from DC Comics.
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  • If you choose to buy a character or wait until they’re back in rotation, you can start up where you left off retaining the same bonuses and cosmetics.
  • Developer Warner Bros Games has confirmed that whatever progress you make with a free character, stays. This means any progress you had will carry over after reset.

MultiVersus: The Lab

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  • Visit The Lab at any time to test out any of the available characters. You can choose any character in MultiVersus’ training mode, regardless of who you have already unlocked.
  • For example, Lebron James wasn’t on the free rotation or our actual roster a few days back, but we are allowed to practice his skills in a simulated game environment.
  • You don’t develop your character in The Lab tho, thus this is obviously not the same as playing versus other players. However, it’s still a chance to get to know any character better.
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How to Buy Characters in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Founder's Packs
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There are a few options available to you after you decide you wish to permanently unlock a character. Gold and Gleamium are the two main ones.

  • Gleamium is a premium currency that we can buy with actual cash.
  • Gold is a premium currency that we can get through completing in-game challenges and moving up the ranks.
  • Character Tokens, however, are the third choice.
    • Each Founder’s Pack in the game offers more bonuses, and these are all in the three available Founder’s Packs.
    • The Founder’s Packs also contain batches of Gleamium, and Character Tokens instantly unlock the character of your choice.

How to Unlock Characters in MultiVersus

Warner Bros. Multiversus’ latest fighting platform game has only recently begun open beta testing, but it has already gained a significant following. There are 17 distinct characters in the game at the time of open beta testing, each with their own specialties and looks. You can Unlock these characters in MultiVersus in different ways:

  • You will be able to play as Wonder Woman after finishing the tutorial, but you will need to buy gold to access the other characters.
  • Any additional character is unlockable by spending 2000 gold, but that’s just the beginning.
  • You may unlock the individual skins of each character in Multiversus in a variety of methods, and in this tutorial, you’ll discover how to do so for every character.

Character Costs 2000 Coins Each

In the game, there are 17 unique characters, 15 of which must be purchased for 2000 gold coins. In open beta testing, this is the sole option to unlock characters; after the game is officially available, the price or method may change. However, there are many of ways to get coins in the game.

How to Earn Coins
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  1. As a reward for participating in and succeeding in combat, you will receive coins.
  2. Coins are one of the various rewards in both the free and premium versions of the Battle Pass.
  3. You will get 25 coins for being defeated by other players.
  4. You can gain coins by accomplishing certain in-game objectives.

Obtaining enough coins for multiple characters is not difficult. However, you will need to pay 30,000 gold and put in a lot of effort to gain all the characters, so plan on doing that.

It’s also feasible that new characters will show up by the time the game is launched. In addition, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that the requirements for gaining characters would alter after the game is made available in its official release.

You may want to check out all possible characters that will be available soon in MultiVersus here.

MultiVersus Roster
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