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Hey, players! How are you doing in the world of MultiVersus? Have you been waiting for new characters for a while now? Well, today just gets more exciting as Morty arrives in the game! While Rick’s official date of arrival is still unannounced, we already have half of the famous Cartoon Network duo on the game. There may be a few questions about his arrival like is he strong? What are his moves? Even the developers are excited about the newest addition to the roster. So stick with us to know all details about Morty!

Is MultiVersus Morty strong?

The best question to ask when a new character comes is, are they strong? MultiVersus Morty belongs to the Bruiser and characters in this class prefer fighting short distances, more up, and more personal battles. With the excitement shown by everyone, we hope we get satisfied with his powers. We do feel that he can sweep off his opponents when he tries his wall slide. He comes in the game in less than a day, so be sure to ready your roster for this newest addition!

  • Furthermore, MultiVersus gave its first sneak peek of Morty in a Tweet a few hours ago. This can’t help but hype the character and fans more. Peek at the nervous Morty below!

  • Also, you may want to check out game director Tony Huynh’s tweet about Morty! We’re quite sure that this character would be a strong competitor as well for the others in the lineup. There may be no leaked gameplay, but by the looks of this tweet, there may be a combination of attacks hidden in Morty’s moves!

Morty’s moveset

Fortunately, there is some leaked Morty gameplay that may help you decide whether the character is strong for you. We’ll write the attacks for you below, and see the power that MultiVersus Morty holds.

  • His ground neutral attack, “Aw Geez, Snakes” can work with or without an active grenade out. If Morty has one, he can fire a laser projectile at the grenade, and detonate it on its collision. If none, a snake-summoning projectile is thrown, and after a delay, the projectile splits into two snakes. Additionally, you can combo a whip attack after this!
MultiVersus Rick & Morty
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via Twitter
  • As for the air-up attack, “Power of Fire makes Morty hit his opponents with the power of the elemental ring that can also ignite them. While the ground attack “Plumbus Time happens when “Morty begins running his plumbus over the ground, hitting enemies and moving freely“. The plumbus do cleanse his allies, yet weakens its enemies and cleans hazards too!
  • On to the next moveset, his ground side attack, “Unresolved Anger Issues where Morty pounds a combo of punches on his opponents from Armothy, and ends the attack with a full swing of Hammer Morty. On the other hand, his ground-down special, “Temporal Back-Up involves warping Morty to heal himself and his allies. As long as the save point is active, Morty can warp back up, and once his back to the save point, his allies can warp back to Morty.
MultiVersus Morty and Rick
Image Courtesy of Adult Swim
  • Furthermore, MultiVersus Morty’s ground side special, “Power of Earth happens when he summons a pillar in front of him. Once he pounds a grenade with the earth pillar, it splits the item making it two grenades. They do give Morty the power of the elemental rings, the attacks look fun to use!
  • Another attack is the passive attack, “Sci-Fi Explosive Technology which involves his grenades (again). Morty throws a grenade which shortly blows after. While helping his allies, he gives them an idle grenade. This can be thrown in the direction of their next attack! Of course, cooldown applies!

  • With this moveset, we do think that MultiVersus Morty will be one of the coolest and yes, the strongest character in the game. With the perfect combos and attacks, he may surely be a tough character to win over!
  • Additionally, fans and players are getting more scared of MultiVersus Morty as time passes by. According to data miner, @multiversusie, they never knew they’ll get scared of Morty! But peak at their Tweet below for more context about this.

MultiVersus Morty and more about the game

Besides the arrival of MultiVersus Morty in the game, there are also some nerfs, buffs, and leaks on skins and characters. You may want to proceed to read below to know more.

  • Firstly, let’s look at some of AisulMV, a data miner of the game, with his found leaks. They mention a Morty Epic skin that may cost around 1500 Gleamium, there is no visual although they also stated a Rick Mech Suit so this may be a pair for the duo. Moreover, in an earlier Tweet about a week ago they said that there are three possible Morty skins to come!

  • On the latest MultiVersus patch notes, they mention that Morty will be their “first Plumbus-wielding character!”. Just a brief introduction for this update, Arya, Finn, and Harley receive buffs on their attacks. While Iron Giant receives a handful of nerfs as he is towering over the others too much, Velma receives a small nerf. Superman has a small change about his grapple hook. On the other hand, expect Taz and Garnet buffs on the next patch!
  • We would like to congratulate the MultiVersus developers as the game reached 20 million players just in a month! David Haddad, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president says, “For us, MultiVersus is such an important critical step into that free-to-play, high-definition gaming category that we believe we can really do something meaningful in, in this case with a collection of our IP, and building a game from scratch that’s designed for live services and cross-platform. And we’re thrilled to see by the 20 million that fans are really responding to it.

  • There is more to expect in the game as it’s just starting. The open beta opened a month ago, and the first season recently started on August 15th. MultiVersus Morty comes today and let’s wait for more characters and modes to come!
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