MultiVersus: Morty’s released Gameplay Trailer Breakdown – All details

Morty Gameplay Trailer

Hey, players! The long wait is finally over, as Morty arrives in the world of MultiVersus! Are you ready to face the newest challenger on the game’s roster? Or better yet, are you ready to expert in using this character? The game released Morty’s official gameplay trailer hours ago, and we just wanted to closely look at the moveset and attacks he shows in the clip. Moreover, you may want to stick around with us to know all details about MultiVersus Morty’s gameplay as we break it down for you!

Breakdown of Morty’s Gameplay Trailer

Have you seen the fighting abilities of Morty in the gameplay trailer of the newest character? Well, check out the video above to see his moves and hear his voice in the game! Well, Morty joins Warner Bros. Games as the first playable character addition to the game’s first season.

  • MultiVersus Morty Description: Lots of people have close relationships with their grandparents. And then there’s… whatever Morty has with his grandpa, Rick. While under Rick’s “supervision” Morty has been dragged all over the universe. Whether it’s through countless different time streams, or in and out of various dimensions (mostly legally), he does his best to remain optimistic despite the crushing truths of reality.

  • In the recently revealed trailer, the teen Morty Smith features his various skills and attacks. Mostly, his attacks are made stronger by his muscle-enhanced left arm Armothy, as it is named. So, see an Armothy Assault air-down attack where he pounds his left arm downward. This attack can lift an opponent nearby, by the way!
Morty Gameplay Armothy
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • Also, you can see his Hammer Morty during the Barbarian Instincts air-side attack where a combo of two ax swings is thrown at the opponent. While Unresolved Anger Issue ground-side attack consists of a combo of punches and a finishing full swing from the Hammer Morty.
  • Additionally, you can peek at his “I’m More Than Just A Hammer” perk. You may also check out Morty’s Uh, Auto-Pilot? ground- and air-up special where he summons a spaceship that acts as a platform that moves upward.
Morty Gameplay Uh Auto-Pilot
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via YouTube
  • Of course, we may not know what the plumbus is in the show, but we know it works in the MultiVersus! You can use Morty’s Plumbus in the game and you can see that also in the gameplay trailer!

More about Morty’s moves

Significantly, we have laid out the attacks we noticed on the Morty gameplay trailer. However, if there are more attacks we have not mentioned or seen, you may continue reading here.

  • Besides the attacks above-mentioned, the famous MultiVersus data miner, AisulMV, shares the Morty move list in the game. As of now, he included around 11 air and ground attacks, and special attacks that Morty can do in the game.
  • Also, they shared a few clips of Morty’s attacks on their account. You can check out one of the most awaited acts of the new character, the wall slide!

  • Certainly, we have mentioned a Morty perk above. The data miner played with the Hammerhead Morty perk and you can see how it works here! The character has skins, perks, and attacks that are yet to be explored by players!

  • Lastly, you can see the Morty President skin on the selection screen as well. This is just the first of Morty’s expected three skins to be released. We hope to see them soon!

Possible additions in the game and news

Alongside the arrival of Morty in the game, there are a few more leaks that fans expect. They may or may not happen, however, these are possibilities and news from data miners.

  • Another data miner, @multiversusie on Twitter may have found some Gandalf files along with Morty’s. They mentioned this hours ago when they figured that a Gandalf attack was rescrapped to Morty’s. Well, as of now, maybe Gandalf won’t come to the game.

  • As we have reported leaks on Morty’s skins, data miner @InTheShadeMV, on the other mentioned that the two other skins do not exist yet in Morty’s files. We may want to wait a little longer for those!

  • Another Morty news from @AisulMV is the unlockable taunts. The first taunt in the video is his winning animation, the drinking one, yep! Morty is such a cute character in the game, yet we can say his moves are quite scary!

  • Also earlier, MultiVersus tweeted about a rotation change when Morty arrived in the game. “Attention MVPs: It looks like Morty unintentionally brought a new Preview Icon Rotation with him. Please know this will revert back to LeBron, Steven, Batman, and Arya tonight at midnight PDT with a brief 5 min maintenance mode. New Rotation will come 8/30.
  • Moreover, Tony Huynh tweeted a few additional patch notes including “Iron Giant Air Down Special has longer startup before the active hit frames to give it more of a window to be punished“.
MultiVersus characters
Screengrab Image Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube
  • Lastly, another addition to this update is Bugs Bunny’s neutral special cooldown. “Bugs Bunny (neutral special) safe cooldown increased from 27s to 30s and the safe now has a lifespan of 18s. This is to prevent creating prolonged periods where Bugs Bunny was difficult to approach in 1v1 matches.
  • In case you missed it, you may check out the platforms such as PlayStation StoreXboxSteam, and Epic Games Store to purchase MultiVersus!

That’s about all the Morty gameplay trailer! Enjoy Morty right now while we watch out for the arrival of Rick in the game soon!

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