MultiVersus Rick and Morty

Hey, players! Are you up for another MultiVersus update? Season 1 just started and the arrival of new characters in the game. The duo that has been most awaited by fans is Rick and Morty. The latter sets to arrive next week on the fighting game. However, Rick’s specific date of arrival is still speculation and rumors, but surely he comes this Season 1 too. While waiting for the mad scientist, we’ll give you more information about Rick’s gameplay and his possible release date in the game. So stick with us here!

MultiVersus Rick & Morty release date

The roster of the Warner Bros. Game continuously expands and varies as more characters arrive in the game. Furthermore, this first season, the first character we’ll encounter in the game is none other than Cartoon Network’s Morty. The famous grandson of the scientist arrives on August 23, 2022, so be sure to not miss it!

  • Also, @multiversusie, a famous MultiVersus data miner, tweets on Morty’s possible skins on the game. In the data, they have gathered hints for three possible Morty skins in MultiVersus. This is yet to be confirmed, however, we do hope that we’ll get these skins upon the character’s arrival on the game!
  • On the other hand, MultiVersus Rick believes to set foot in the fighting world this Season 1 as well, maybe sometime in September after the release of Morty Smith. As of this writing, there is no final date yet for his arrival. Although Rick’s addition to the lineup was confirmed via MultiVersus tweet on what to expect this Season 1, you may read below!

  • This confirmation does not stop fans from wanting updates for the other half of this duo. Data miners like AisulMV via Twitter shares that Rick and other characters exist in the game servers and are being tested already. You may check out the Tweet below.

The gameplay

Additionally, it is going around that Morty joins the Bruiser class which is fighting in short proximity, up and personal against its opponent. Also, a confirmation that he is an Expert character in the game. Significantly, Rick belongs to the Mage or Ranged class in the game. He will use weapons and be favorable in long-distance matches.

  • As for the duo’s gameplay, this is yet to be posted and announced by Player First Games or the game’s official pages and channels. We may want to wait for the upcoming days to see how they fight! This is something to look forward to while we wait for other characters’ announcements as well.
MultiVersus Rick & Morty
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus via Twitter
  • While we’re here, we’ll briefly share the game’s overview for you.In MultiVersus, the Multiverse is at your fingertips as you battle it out in intense 2v2 matches. Up against Batman & Shaggy? Try using Bugs Bunny & Arya Stark! This platform fighter lets you play out your fantasy matchups in a fun co-op or head-to-head fight for supremacy.
  • In case you missed it, MultiVersus is available for purchase on PlayStation Store, Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store!
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