With the release of MultiVersus Season 2, there are many new updates to keep players entertained and excited. As the months’ progress, we can expect new characters, stages, and game updates to keep the game fresh. The Season 2 update provides a lot of changes to the game that may entice the lapsed or new players. Here’s what you need to know:

Characters and Stages

Warner Bros. Games announced that the newest addition to the MultiVersus will be Marvin the Martian. The iconic Looney Tunes character will be the next release, and the studio will reveal more about his kit soon. For those that don’t know, Marvin the Martian is a self-proclaimed villain out to destroy the earth but never quite finishes the job.

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There are rumors that MultiVersus is developing DC’s Joker for their roster. Mark Hamill will be reprising his iconic voice for the game. However, with no confirmation yet, we can only hope this is true.

Aside from his announcement, Season 2 introduces a Game of Thrones-themed stage. You’ll be fighting for the Iron Throne in the background, all while jamming to a remixed version of the Game of Thrones theme. There is also an update to The Space Jam map, which will now keep track of the baskets scored as you fight.

New Battle Pass

A new season means a new battle pass, and WB has been listening to the feedback from the previous season. Each tier will now have rewards from badges to taunts and icons. There are also new character variants. Players can enjoy the free battle pass track or pay for the premium to gather more rewards as they play. Some of the targets for the Premium Battle Pass include skins such as Astronaut Velma and Baker Street Tom & Jerry.

Other Updates

WB Games also made updates to line-up the game with players’ expectations. They’ve been working on latency improvements as well as character balance. Expect a very different meta from season one if you’ve been playing back then. The tutorial also received an update, simplifying it to make getting into games easier.

New cosmetics are available in the store, including Samurai Batman and Uncle Shagworthy. Maps will also have new items, and players can now equip three badges to display at once.

WB also announced new game modes. The first is the Big Head mode. They also introduced the Silly Queue, reserved for more fun games and items. It hopes to be something for casual and competitive players looking for a break from serious gameplay.

MultiVersus’ Success Continues

MultiVersus was a surprise hit during its release, filling a gap for other platforms that couldn’t play Nintendo’s Smash series. New stages, characters, and modes already reinforces a solid foundation. The previous season introduced new characters such as Black Adam, Gizmo, and Lebron James.

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